[2PM] – 4 hours of Press Conference @ 10/02/27 part 1

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JYPE: Your faces will not be filmed. The cameras will be facing towards the members. We would like to inform you ahead of time that the cameras will not be recording the fans even when asking a question.

JYPE: We will start the conference as soon as the members arrive.

Fan: I would like to ask a question. Has JYPE contacted the press regarding this conference?

JYPE: At the moment, the media has no information of it.

Fan: No, what I’m trying to ask is will you be releasing the recorded material today to the press?

JYPE: We will probably be editing parts. However, I will double check once more and give you a proper response.

JYPE: Please give me a moment.

Fan: Can you just not record it?

JYPE: Okay, in order to answer the first person’s question, we are not recording to release to the press.

JYPE:Okay, everybody is asking questions regarding the recording. I will bring up the questions and discuss the matter. The answers will be given shortly.

Fan:For what reason are you recording this?

JYPE: Okay, I know you are all asking this. We are not recording this to edit or cut your answers and questions. We have decided not to record the conference.

Fan: Okay.

JYPE: Since there are people concerned about the cameras… let’s take out the cameras.

JYPE: Okay, people keep bringing up the same question..

Fan: No, what we are saying is if you are allowed to record, then we should be given the same privileges.

JYPE: So what you are saying is that we have different intentions with the recordings but we are trying to meet the opinions of everyone present and…

JYPE: So what are you saying you want? The opinions here are clashing at the moment.

Fan: Isn’t there not enough time to ask questions?

JYPE: I will say this once again. Many more people than expected have decided to attend the conference and so there is a lot of clashing of opinions. Since people did not want the cameras present, we are trying to take them out.

JYPE: Since there are so many people highly concerned with the presence of the cameras, what our intentions are with the cameras are to create a file with evidence of what happened within the conference. There will be a lot said within 2-3 hours and it’s better to keep track of it. There’s a lot of you here. When you go on to write an account, all 80 or 90 of you will not remember the same information. Please believe this camera to be proof.

Fan: That is our concern also. Are you saying that we, too, will be able to record the conference ourselves? We cannot give up our recording rights by just believing in your cameras.

JYPE:Like I said before, the opinions are clashing because there are so many of you present. Now what we are discussing is whether or not to record the conference…. Yes, the opinions amongst the fans are clashing.

Fan: Okay, so if JYPE is recording, then we will record also. If JYPE is recording audio, so will we.

JYPE: Okay, we will say this once more. This recording is not involved with any of the press or media. I will say this once more. We will not record.

Fan: What we are concerned about is whether or not JYPE will record this conference and release edited parts of it to the press.

JYPE: Yes, because of such concerns, we WILL NOT be recording.

JYPE: Okay, every single opinion of every one here is precious but because there are so many people, we need to set up standards and rules to help the conference go smoothly.

JYPE: We will not be recording the conference, which goes for every body in this room.

JYPE: I will say this once more. We will continue the conference without recording.

Fans: Yes!

Fans: Please tell us what your standards were with choosing the fan communities present today.

JYPE: We looked for communities that brought together a wide variety of opinions. We did not permit bias and received many recommendations, which we listened to in order to pick the best representatives of the fandom. The representatives that were chosen are present here today.

Fans: You said that we were notified saying that 100 representatives will be chosen. However, we did not receive such a notice. There was even one cafe that submitted an application, but did not reply with a confirmation. However, they were emailed back saying please bring all of your members. How can you explain that?

JYPE: Okay, so there are about 80 or 90 people here. Out of the 90 people, what are you most curious about?

Fans: Please reveal all of the communities that were chosen to attend today.

JYPE: If we reveal it, may we start the conference?

Fans: Yes.

JYPE: Please wait a moment.

JYPE: We will start the conference after revealing the communities chosen through the explanation I previously stated.

JYPE: I will now reveal the communities.

Be On the Top
JYP 2PM Fan Community
Naver’s Hwansang
Waiting for 2PM Leadja Park Jaebum
International Fan Community 2ONEDAY
Hengdong Cafe
Oneday Room
Let’s Walk Together, Jaebum
2PM Union Cafe
2PM Fan Page Union
Official Community, HOTTEST

JYPE: We have accepted most of the applications and so I don’t think you need to worry.

JYPE: We will now bring in the 2PM members and start the conference.

JYPE: We will not put a time limit for the conference because there is so many of you here. We will take all questions as freely as possible. Many have come from far places so we will not put a time limit as long as the questions don’t repeat themselves. There will not be an incident where you feel rushed to ask a question or pressured by the time.

JYPE: We will first bring in the members. Since the members are here now, we must bring them in and start the conference.

JYPE: We will now begin the conference. If you have a question, please raise your hand. The time is free so do not feel pressured. Please help us commence the conference smoothly.

JYPE: We will now begin the conference with the fans. If you have a question, please raise your hand.

JYPE: First, the person in the front.

Fan: Hello, I’m from the union cafe ‘Let’s Walk Together, Jaebum.’ JYPE announced through their notification that the members of 2PM agreed to the withdrawal of Park Jaebum on the 6th of January. Is there anything you’d like to say now that refutes that statement?

JYPE: Okay, I’m sorry to interrupt but as stated before, we will not be recording the conference and so we ask for the fans to do the same. We have previously made the agreement to not record.

Fans: We said we’re not recording.

Fan: Now please answer the question.

Junsu: I’ll go first. Yes, it’s true.

Fan: Next, Nichkhun please answer.

Nichkhun: Yes, it’s true.

Chansung: For me, too.

Fans: What is this…

Taecyeon: Yes, it’s true.

Junho: Yes, it’s true.

Wooyoung: Yes, it’s true.

Fan: If it’s true, then we would like to ask the members to explain their feelings as honestly as possible. Do you truly believe in your statement regarding Park Jaebum being unfit as the leader of 2PM? Although it has been revealed on January 6th that the members all agreed, the 14th revealed another member stating, “Jaebum is an amazing hyung. I want to be like him,” was revealed to the press. On another program, there was also another statement stating, “Jaebum is a precious gem.” We would like to hear an explanation as to why you have stated such things when it was already decided that Jaebum would be kicked out. Did you lie to the fans?

Fan: I will ask the question once more. Do you morally believe that Jaebum is unsuited as the leader of 2PM?

Taecyeon: Yes.

Fan: I would like to hear a response from all of the members of 2PM.

Junsu: Yes, he is unsuited.

Fan: In what way?

Fan: I would like to hear the opinion of the other members also.

Nichkhun: Yes.

Fan: We do not want an answer but an explanation. Please explain your reason.

Fan: To organize the question once again, on January 6th, the members of 2PM agreed to Jaebum’s withdrawal. After that, 2PM continued to make remarks about Jaebum hyung, creating hope within the fans. Why did you do that? Did you say it to manipulate the fans in order for support and money? This is not a yes or no question but a request for an explanation on your thoughts.

Taecyeon: It hadn’t been decided at the point of those statements. We did agree but Jaebum hyung was our member and we still believe that he is a great hyung.

Fans murmur

Fan:How can you call him a great hyung when you said he has moral issues? So then are you saying that yes, he has issues morally, but he’s still a great person with singing and rapping skills?

Taecyeon:No, that is not what we meant. We did not say he is a great hyung because he has many skills. He is a great hyung but what he did was highly inappropriate and something that we cannot handle.

JYPE: I’m sorry but we must take questions one at a time and distribute it evenly.

Fan: I would like to hear the rest of the response. Taecyeon has stated…

We need to move on to the next question since your first question was answered. If you raise your hand as previously stated, we will hand the mic to you again.

Junsu: I know that many fans are curious as to what mistake Jaebum has committed.

Fans: No, we are NOT curious about Park Jaebum’s private life. What we want to know is why you manipulated the fans and marketed Jaebum’s name like that.

Junsu: Whenever we received awards at ceremonies and said his name, it was because we worked together with Jaebum previously and because we are very thankful for him. We have made the decision that it will be hard for Jaebum to come back and be the leader of 2PM. The reason we say his name on broadcasts is because we still have many things that we are thankful to him for.

Fans: We would like to hear the opinions of the rest of the members.

JYPE: Since everyone is requesting to hear the opinions of the rest of the members, we will give a short response and move on to the next question.

Nichkhun: The reason I said that at the fan meeting was because I truly missed Jaebum hyung. However, like we previously stated, Jaebum hyung isn’t able to come back because of something he committed, yes.

Fans: Isn’t able to come back? That’s different from not wanting to come back.

Nichkhun: Yes, he isn’t able to come back.

Fan: Chansung, please speak.

[ English Question ]

Fans: You may speak in English. Please speak in English.

JYPE: If you agree, you may ask your question in English.

Chansung: What I think is… a hyung that you really love and trust, committed something bad. I’m just saying here. He did something bad but that doesn’t mean we are saying he’s immoral. Even thieves have close friends.

Fans (murmured): Is Park Jaebum a thief? Is he a thief?

Chansung: Okay, so what I think is that despite what Jaebum committed and his ultimate withdrawal, we still went on to speak of his name in public… but that was because we truly believe he is a close hyung.

Chansung: And… The reason we’ve said those things was because this issue was never revealed to the public. Which is why we said 7 members… and I think this is something we can continue to say to the public. “We miss you.” “He is a good hyung.”

Junho: We know how upset everyone is upon hearing this. The important thing is that we did not use Jaebum hyung as a marketing tool. We first prepared for Heartbeat with the hope of Jaebum hyung returning. Right up until January 3rd, we attended every award ceremony, every performance, with the thought of Jaebum hyung. It is not a lie. And we have no reason to purposely hurt you guys. The people that loved all 7 members of us are probably present here today.

Junho: However, we prepared all of those things before that date, and even Jaebum hyung trained hard while in America. We believed that if Jaebum hyung returns, we could be the best. That’s what we thought. We gave you guys hints, like in our thank’s to’s.

Junho: But, after finding out about the incident on January 3rd, we really hated him for that one moment. Jaebum hyung. We had worked so hard to pave that road for him to come back on.

Fan (murmur): Who made that road? You?

Junho: Okay, so all of you paved that road. You paved that road with us, right?

Fans: Excuse me but if you keep cutting into the members’ responses with your own personal feelings and opinions, this conference will not be handled effectively. Please hold your personal feelings to yourselves while the members are responding.

Fans: Yes, we understand.

Junho: Anyway, the road was paved not just by us 6 members but by you all too. With your help, with your love for Jaebum hyung, we created this path. When we first heard of the mistake Jaebum hyung committed, we hated him and we were sorry for you guys. For all of you, for the fans that trusted us and waited, we were extremely sorry.

Junho: Everyone and also to all of our fans who trusted and waited for us. We were very sorry. We felt we were really going to go crazy. While we have to stick together, we couldn’t say anything because we couldn’t understand what he said. And I couldn’t think of what we have thought of so far and the path that we have made (for Jay to come back), I was just in an appalled state. But if you all heard it then you would think the same way as us, honestly. Whatever the reason why we can’t say the reason is because we respect Jaebum hyung. Of course, to the people that are laughing, I know that this may seem ridiculous. But also when we heard that, we also thought it was ridiculous. We think that you all are our best strength, that Jaebum hyung was our strength, we were in more of a position to treasure/protect you all. Even to me, this situation is disappointing. Really

Junho: The time that we spent with you and Jaebum hyung was a year and eight months, no two months, no two years. But us, from we spent five years to the least three years together. So that’s why it’s so much more disappointing. I don’t know if you all will smirk at us, we will overcome those smirks, we just feel like we’re going to go crazy, that we aren’t able to be with Jaebum. But because we treasure you all, we can’t help it.

Junho: And as for myself, also, that we got that many awards up until now was all because we had the help of you and Jaebummie hyung, that we got the award. And in that respect, because as humans, we believed we owed thanks to Jaebum hyung as well as you all, and so that’s why at the Seoul Gayo Daesang I could say, definitely say that.

Wooyoung: Firstly, I’m sorry to say this, but could I ask a question to the person who asked the question? Ah, I want to not only ask the questioner, but to everyone. Are you all here today to ask us these prepared questions or to hear truthful stories? (sigh)

Fans: Both.

Wooyoung: Well, we came today thinking we would invest a day today and have some sincere conversations with you guys, so be understanding if our answers take some time. Our members want to give you a honest story, we think that this seat is so much more important than it is. First, we are disappointed and our hearts hurts. In my case, when 2PM first, I lacked a lot of skills to even be in the group, and my acrobatics and singing lacked. Junho, Chansungie, Taecyeon hyung, Khun hyung, Junsu hyung, and the person we’re speaking about now, Jaebum hyung. Because I had them, I was able to be in 2PM. Uh, and everyday I was thankful for them and everyday I was sorry to the members because I was so lacking. And because of that, because I had the members I was able to be with the members. And despite anything that happens that hurts our hearts, to the end we didn’t fight over it and tried to resolve it. Uh, at first although no one had fans, there were fans who saw our dedication and stages and started to cheer us on. Ah, I thought, I was so thankful and that this is what it feels to feel pride. That’s why we did our best with every album.

Wooyoung: We worked so hard. And Jaebum hyung is human, of course he can make mistakes. But I do believe that if you continue to make the same mistakes, it gets harder for the rest of us. As humans, even if we don’t know if we can forgive (Jaebum). He is Jaebum hyung. Humanly… maybe. Even if we say we can forgive him because he’s Jaebum hyung.. Uh.. I don’t know if everyone here would be able to forgive him… Ah, never mind. We forgive him. You guys are the same too, right? Let’s say we forgive Jaebum hyung. But the reason we made such a decision is because in this world, we are not the only people living in it. There are other countries, other ethnicities, other nations, one life, organisms… We are not the only ones which is why we can’t just think of ourselves.

Wooyoung: Uh.. As we can’t help but think about how others view us, we were able to see the future more clearly, and see later on too. Although our hearts hurt right now, later, in the future, what will happen, well, I don’t know, we had worries that we would regret this in the future. I, this decision, I think here with you fans and us, may be slightly cracked(divided). We really don’t want this, and we don’t want to be cracked (no longer friends, having no friendship with) with Jaebummie hyung. We prepared and prepared the shows with all our sincerity, and because of that one thing sincerity, we feel the crack even the more. And this decision is all the more heart wrenching and disappointing.

Wooyoung: We really tried our best but this is the decision that we, us 7 2PM members of 2PM, had to make, so I hope that you will try to understand us.

Wooyoung: If you understand even a little, couldn’t this line of separation become one again? That’s what I think. Everyone, I know that it’s agitating for you. The fact that you loved us and trusted us.. It’s probably very upsetting. When we’re putting down this decision, you might hate us and every word that we say and you may feel disappointed, but like Junho said, we are not giving up 2PM.

Wooyoung: It came to a point where we needed to make such a decision regarding Jaebum hyung, and that is very unfortunate. And if I really say honestly, it is very unfortunate to the point that it is unable to be felt. It is a decision that we couldn’t help but make. Really could not be helped.

Wooyoung: The reason I keep saying Jaebum hyung, Jaebum hyung is because… in all honesty, he is our hyung. But, societally, not humanly, it is a situation in which we can’t do or protect anything. And uh us?

Wooyoung: Please understand us. Our heart hurts. The fact that you are all angry and the fact that there are so many misunderstandings… Just the fact that we have to even hold this conference… It’s extremely stressful.. As to putting our best, we really sincerely did our best. Thank you

JYPE: In the back, the person in the black. We will give you the mic

Fan: I have about two main questions. I’m wondering when the last time you all spoke with Jaebum was, what you spoke about, and if Jaebum knows that this conference is being held today. There are so many rumors going around lately. I’m not sure if the company knows of this, but rumors such as a particular member agreeing to Jaebum’s leave, or another member that completely rejected Jaebum’s withdrawal. Or rumors such as Jaebum being thrown away by the company because the 6 members are already doing so well. Yes, there are many rumors that we cannot even speak out loud. I would like to know whether the members would like to clarify any of these rumors, and if the company will be taking action against these rumors. As these rumors continue to grow, there are already so many people that are beginning to believe them. Does the company have any plans to take action? Yes, please speak if you would like to clarify any of these rumors.

Taecyeon: Ah, first about whether we keep in contact with Jaebum, Khun spoke to him first. Whether he’s doing okay… and if he’s coming online. Yes, he explained the situation. Jaebum hyung knows that this conference is currently being held. And about the rumors, uhh, I think that there are a lot of rumors that don’t make sense. For example, the rumors stating that individual members were for or against Jaebum’s withdrawal… That is not true, and when I first heard of them… Like we said, we were put in a situation where we had to make a decision… There are a lot of other rumors too.. I think they were all made up. Like our company has stated, we were preparing for Jaebum hyung’s return around October. Even our album concept was created knowing that Jaebum hyung would return. That’s why we changed our album title from ‘Heartbeat’ to ‘1:59 PM.’ Yes, we had it all prepared. Rumors that said since we as 6 members are doing so well, let’s leave Jaebum out… those are unbelievable rumors. Yes, well, if you are curious about any other rumors, please ask again.

JYPE: For those curious about the company’s thoughts and stance, please wait for the discussion between the fans and the members to finish and ask any questions for the company a bit later again.

Fan: You said that Jaebum understood what was going on with the conference today, but I’m wondering, did he have any other words about this?

Nichkhun: He said that he wanted to take a video message for everyone that came today, and that he said that he was very sorry, and, yes, that was about it. Yes, that person in the back.

Fan: I will give a question that does not have a response. I think I am the oldest here. I am a mom fan that has a son about the same age as you members. The thing that I am curious about is, I am a mom that all of these fans know about, but the rumors that I am talking about are rumors that the members all know. They are rumors that you can’t even say out loud because of the severity of it. These are rumors that the members should all know. I know that right now, honestly, Jaebum is being treated like human trash. You all know that, right? It’s just that we are not willing to say it out loud right now. He is like human trash right now. It has already been broadcast on the news that his mistake will be bring about a greater issue to society than the mistranslations from last year’s controversy. The fact that he must completely withdraw because of this societal mistake! If you only look at what the company has stated, it’s only an issue of speculation. The members have stated before that they cannot accept him as a member because he has an issue that affects society. You guys have let go of the hand of a hyung that you have known for over 5 years. I don’t know big the mistake is, but because of that, he is now human trash. You know this, right? My son will be going to the army soon. This doesn’t seem like a stranger’s problem which is why I’m here today. I really want to ask. He (Jaebum) must forever live on with that pain but you guys are not willing to give up 2PM? You might not give up 2PM but the fans will. Because if humans meet heart to heart, they are able to even accept an enemy that has killed their own child. Did he commit murder? Did he abuse drugs? If it was an illegal crime, we would ask of the consequences. But an issue of morality? Why would you bring that up yourselves first. I don’t know how big of a mistake he has committed but I don’t think this is right. On the internet, Jaebum is worth less than a human being. He is international trash. I will end this here.

Taecyeon: Yes, thank you.

Fan: Is that all?

Taecyeon: Is that all? I don’t know what you’re asking.

Different Fan: You don’t have to say explicitly what Jaebum did wrong, but when you, the members, think about it, is this a big problem because Jaebum is a celebrity, or if he was just a regular civilian, is it a situation where it would be just as bad?

Fans: That’s a different question. Could you please respond to the first question.

Wooyoung: Alright.

Wooyoung: First of all, I would like to apologize for having to show you this decision that we have made to such an older fan. Honestly, our hearts are really hurt right now but we are trying to smile. Reality is so heart breaking but if we cry, it looks as if we don’t have any sense of responsibility. To the end, we believe this is the way to protect Jaebum hyung. For the mother that knows of the rumors, yes, it is a big societal mistake that we can’t even give you an answer to. It’s to the point where we can’t answer you, despite you having taken time out of your precious schedule to be here today. Heart to heart, yes, this is important. But, we still believe that the situation is far too severe for us to give an answer.

Wooyoung: Even in this situation, to the point as humans we can’t give a response, we believe it is that great of a problem. And us, 2PM, although it is a far path, until the day we die, we will do our best, we will not forget each other, and later on as we marry and have babies, that we were 2PM and were one, we will not forget. This is why we will protect Jaebum hyung and this is the best way to do so. We are not throwing Jaebum hyung away. We are protecting him. However, because of the circumstance, we cannot but help, because in this situation where we can’t give an answer.

Wooyoung: I am really, really sorry. The reason why we can say sorry is because we are one. And never are we throwing him away from our hearts. Please do not misunderstand us. Not us six, but us seven and you all who came out today, let’s promise to do so. No matter what people say, We are protecting him (Jay) to the end. We believe we have done our best. We will leave it as we answered your question?

Wooyoung: No matter what people say, we are protecting him until the end. We believe that as the best choice.

Fan: I’m sorry but that’s not what the question asked.

JYPE: You’re talking about the 2nd question, right? Then let’s continue on from there.

Wooyoung: Yes, this doesn’t matter whether one is a celebrity or not. Because as a human, we couldn’t help it. Really.

Fan: Do I need to stand up?

Wooyoung: No, it’s okay. You can sit.

Fan: In order to organize my question easily, you said that you think of him as a good hyung but you also believe that he doesn’t have the right to come back and promote within 2PM. The answer you gave is quite confusing.

Wooyoung: No, it’s not a confusing response. We only have one answer, and it’s the fact that we couldn’t help. We ask that you please understand us. It feels like we’ve met a cold winter as we are naked. It’s really hard for us, really. Is that good enough response?

JYPE: The 2nd person in the front.

Fan: So you have said that this decision was made in favor of all of the 7 members of 2PM, right? You said that you would protect him but because of that one word, private life, it has created a lot of speculations and rumors even within the press and the media. I’m curious as to what you think of these things.

Wooyoung: Well, from the company’s..

Fan: Yes, I’m not done yet.

Wooyoung: Go ahead.

Fan: You stated that this is a big mistake as a human being, something that should have never happened. But if this truly was a big mistake, societally, then this should be handled by the law. I don’t understand why you’re bringing up an issue of morality. Because you have used the word ‘private life,’ rumors began to get released, and even after they were released, you are now claiming it as an issue of morality. What I am curious about and asking about is how big is this mistake that it can only be classified morally?

Taecyeon: I don’t think we’ve ever once said that it was an issue of morality.

Wooyoung: Then let’s say that legally, he did something wrong. But Jaebum hyung came back and says he wants to continue as 2PM. Then should Jaebum hyung be allowed to promote in 2PM? The society might not be able to understand. We told you that it’s to the extent that we can’t even tell you. Whether the law decides to punish him or not is up to the law, but we will not do so.

Wooyoung: Yes, we said that it’s a severe mistake that we can’t tell you which is why we made the decision…

Fans: Then he should be able to receive the consequences according to the law.

Wooyoung: What? You want us to punish him?

Fans: If he is willing, then yes.

Wooyoung: Whether or not he is punished, that’s for the court to decide. We will not be punishing him. We will protect him until the end. That is why we have made such a decision, yes.

Junsu: I’ll speak up. I know that everyone is curious about what kind of mistake Jaebum made but I’m someone that has watched over Jaebum for 5 years. When I first heard of that mistake, I was so shocked that I wondered if Jaebum could even commit such an act. If everyone here really loves 2PM’s leader Jaebum then please, stop asking those types of questions.

JYPE: Was that an adequate response to your question?

Fan: I apologize for asking but would I be able to add another question?

JYPE: Sorry, but is it of relevance? Then we will accept up to that question and move on.

Fan: When Junho spoke prior to this, he said that Park Jaebum had made a repetitive mistake. But if it really is a repeated mistake, why does it sound like Kim Junsu is hearing it for the first time. Are you saying that the amongst the 7 members, there was no one that was able to control that mistake?

Taecyeon: Honestly speaking, we had no idea. We didn’t know that that mistake was being committed. We had no idea of it. We first heard on the 3rd of January, yes.

Fan: No, he specifically stated that it was a repeated mistake.

Taecyeon: Please ask your question again properly. You’re saying that it’s a repeated mistake but asking us why we weren’t able to control it… The only thing we know is that the repeated mistake occurred. We had no idea at the time. We found out on January 3rd that this repeated mistake had happened. When the mistake initially happened, we had no idea.

JYPE:] Since it seems like questions regarding the company will be mixed into questions and responses, we will be bringing JYP’s CEO Jung Wook. Please freely ask anything you’re curious of regarding the members and the company. Who is next? Let’s begin with the people that haven’t asked yet.

Fan: You said that you first heard of Jaebum’s mistake through the company, right? You did not hear it from him yourselves? Did Jaebum tell it to the members directly?

Junsu:We first heard about it through a phone call from the president.

Fan: I asked whether or not Jaebum told the members himself.

Junsu: He did. We were not able to meet him personally but he did tell us through phone calls.

JYPE: Is there anyone else with a question? Yes, on this side.

Fan: I would like to ask this to the president. You have promised us a sincere response to a document of questions. Many fan sites have submitted their own questions but we were unable to receive any responses. What is your reason for opening this conference without having answered any of the questions? And we would also like to know why you are opening this conference so late, after the decision of Park Jaebum’s withdrawal has already been made.

Jung Wook: Yes, I will answer. I will answer the question regarding the questions first. I wrote that notification myself at the end of February. If you look at the notice for yourself, Park Jaebum’s personal situation, and due to his own request, the date of reveal had already been decided. Everyone submitted their questions by February 12th and we revealed this notification on February 25th. We could not lie with 2-3 weeks left until the reveal. Why, because everyone here will be deceived then. Jaebum is in Seattle and is doing fine. He’s training, and like your questions asked, this is how we planned his return… No, we could not like that. At least not from our company. Are you able to understand?

Jung Wook: The reason why we are having this conference, as stated earlier, is because of the extreme amount of rumors circulating. Why we are personally holding this conference is because, like you all know, the press likes to report things with missing details. This conference is being held through an oral discussion. That’s why we changed from just written questions. This… as you all know, is a big situation for us. As you all know, it really is a big situation. That is why we are holding this conference.

Fan: Yes, last September, there were many rumors but could you please explain the situation at that moment? And many fans are curious about this, but is the company responsible for the members’ Cyworlds?

Jung Wook: This might also be a response to the second question but we get the question ‘JYPE, why aren’t you responsible for your members?’ a lot. Why don’t we manage for the celebrities associated with our agency? I’m sorry. We do not manage the private lives of our celebrities that deeply. Whether or not the celebrities own blogs or Cyworlds, we do eventually find out but we only give them one word of advice. To always be careful. This is your job… I’m sorry to the fans but we do not even like to use the word ‘manage’ with our celebrities. We are not responsible for the celebrities. They are an equal human being to us. However, we are also sorry about this towards the fan club. If we were able to manage the members well, we would not be at this conference today. But this is what the members’ relationships to the company is.

Jung Wook: To explain the situation last September, I know that everyone here has experienced it with us but you were all watching from the outside. You probably don’t know what the situation was like. Unfortunately, I can only express this in the past tense. The past leader, Park Jaebum’s greatest weapon was not his rapping, dancing, singing, bboying, or acrobatic skills. His weapon was confidence. But, within 20 hours, his confidence had collapsed. I’m sure you all remember. That day, he could not even look at the cameras. That day, when the members returned to the office, the members could not even look at my face. We discussed a lot of things. We met every single day. We met and had many discussions…

Jung Wook: There’s a lot. But since we have a lot of time today, I will explain them all. ‘Why did you send him on an economy plane ticket.’ Because he bought it himself. These are rumors. We purposely bought him an economy ticket. As you all know, journalists were able to get inside the airport. I know for sure that they probably wanted to write these types of articles. [ Leaving this confusion and disturbance, 2PM’s leader Park Jaebum has left on a business seat while mobilizing with his manager. ] They probably wanted to write that. I’m sure of it. We calculated all of that and bought him an economy ticket. I myself bought it. Even Park Jinyoung was surprised after hearing that he had left on an economy. For this reason, we purposely bought economy…

Jung Wook: There’s also a ‘tonkatsu’ story going around amongst fan pages and fan masters. I met with the fan masters at a late time. Because we met so late, we were not able to eat Tonkatsu. That’s how scarce time was. What Park Jinyoung and I last said to Jaebum was ‘Don’t lose focus.’ Don’t ever lose your focus. We met with all of the members and ate. What I told him was that 0% and 1% are vastly different. 0% has nothing, and no matter how many times you times it, it will always be 0. But 1% has a higher percentage. We did not want to let these types of conversations out to the public. I understand that the fans must have fell in shock. The only thing in my head at the time was that I had to save all 7 members. I wanted to help him make confidence his weapon again. I wanted to, with my strength, block all of the hateful words against him.

Jung Wook: I met with the fan masters from 12 AM to 6 AM. Nobody was probably able to get in touch with them at the time. The fans say this. ‘Why? Why was 2PM not able to predict that they would receive daesang at MAMA?’ It was my heart. If they were not able to receive that award, I was going to give up on that broadcast. As you all know, the kids tried their best. That was what I wanted. For the kids to dance to dance with a space left for their leader. At that point, Jaebum’s return had been finalized.

Jung Wook: Do you believe everything the press says? Do you believe all of these fabricated rumors? I won’t say which company, but a journalist wrote an article with the title, ‘Rumors Rumors Rumors. Jaebum has only left rumors.’ That was the same journalist that followed him to the airport. Why does JYPE not participate in media play? You said that we do media play every day, right? The media is not something that we can easily manage. We are met with 83 different medias. You all say that we can block anything, and that portals will take down articles if we ask them to. Naver, Daum, you think we can block it all right? We can’t. We still remember the journalists and companies that wrote belittling articles about Jaebum and our 2PM members. We keep a list of them and we never give them our information. You probably all remember this. ‘A leader that makes trouble.’ Our Chansung and Wooyoung, they had written on their homepage, ‘Let’s walk together,’ and ‘Thank you.’ When they wrote these things, think of what kind of articles were released. ‘A leader that makes trouble. His dongsengs that cover his mistakes.’ The same media, the same press that is releasing articles today, are the rumors that you guys believe in now. I will never give those people our information. Not until I die.

Fan: Since the talk of minihomepages have been said, I would like an explanation as to why Wooyoung wrote that he was frustrated and why Chansung wrote that he was confused. Please explain further.

Wooyoung: Uh…I…at that time… couldn’t control my emotions. If you look at it this way, since it’s a personal minihomepage and it’s where I think I should be able to talk about my personal feelings, I didn’t see why I couldn’t just let others see it. It’s really not that I hate the fans or anything. You have those times you know. Ahh… Why’s it so frustrating. This is basically what I felt at that time. We really try to do our best and prepare and that’s the stance we want fans to see us as but as we lived like that… to be honest I think it’s because of those ridiculous rumors going around. Those rumors were really… at that time the rumors were really frustrating but I’m not rebuking the fans or anything. I really disliked the talks going around the fans. The reason why is because they weren’t true. It’s not true and uhh…I wanted everyone to understand the reason why we sweat and looked in front of the mirrors.

Chansung: You see the confused bit. It’s been a while since I’ve written that, and the only reason is because I was confused personally. It has nothing to do with work. And I think it got mixed up at the wrong time.

Fan: Jung Wook CEO, you have stated before that you have tried your best for Park Jaebum. However, you were not able to block the rumor articles, not even the replies that were under them. However, recently, when articles regarding a bloody note for Ok Taecyeon were released, you immediately started deleting comments. Curious fans began to ask Daum and other portals as to why these replies were being deleted but such action was not taken for Park Jaebum. The reply received stated that the company or the person himself had specifically made a request. Otherwise, they do not delete and block comments. Why did you do this for Ok Taecyeon but not for Park Jaebum? I would like to hear a response to this.

Jung Wook: First of all, I’m sure you remember the amount of articles that were released on September 5th. And about blocking comments, this is a rather embarrassing thing to say, but we have never done that before. Our company tries to listen to every opinion or comment, whether it’s from a fan or someone else. It is our rule so we have never once thought of blocking replies. I’m sure you can tell by looking at previous articles about JYP. And recently, with the articles regarding Ok Taecyeon, even if we were to request a ban on comments, there are too many articles that will go about randomly. So even still, I had never tried anything like that before so this is something that I must look into more before going into. And even now, even if we were to request a ban, it’s not like all articles will ban them.


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