[2PM] 4 hours Press Conference @ 10/02/27 part 2

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Fan: I’m the one that spoke of ‘managing’ before. You said that you don’t manage your artists… Then can we accept your statement to mean that since you don’t manage your artists, if there were to be another problem to arise, the company will not be responsible for it?

Jung Wook: I will answer this basically. I’m not sure if you remember, but last year, our company received criticisms from the Fair Trade Commission regarding our slave contracts. The criticism that we received was a statement regarding an invasion of privacy in the lives of our celebrities. There was a term that required the celebrity to tell the company where they were or where they were going. Because of that statement, we received a criticism as a slave contract. We have since taken that out. And like I have said earlier… management, I am not sure. I am not fond of that term. Rather than manage, we have discussions. We have discussions, and if we can, we try to discuss from the same level. Of course, there will be a difference in the person that’s receiving and the person that’s speaking. No matter what my father explains to me, it will always only be the opinion of my father. That’s how I’d like to explain it…

Fan: That is not what I was asking.

Jung Wook: Yes, I understand your question.

Fan: Before, I did not want to use the term ‘private life’ either but did you just state that you are not responsible for managing their private lives? Are you saying that the problems that have risen from such a stance, you will not be responsible for it? What I’m asking is whether it is acceptable for us to understand your statement as saying ‘We are not responsible for managing their private lives – therefore, all problems that rise from it are not of our concern.’ I am not asking about your fair trade contract.

Jung Wook: I spun it around to tell you about the contract first. Basically, celebrities are able to handle themselves. Celebrities are humans too. They have the duty to be responsible for the mistakes they make. That’s my first answer. My second answer is that I am eternally regretful about Jaebum’s situation. And like I’ve stated in my announcement, he called me in a rush last winter but I was not able to tell our members. Basically, celebrities are the first ones responsible for their mistakes. Definitely.

Fan: So are you saying that you will never take responsibility for something you do not have to manage?

Jung Wook: If you give me a comprehensive question, then I can only explain it comprehensively. You’re trying to wrap up a whole situation with that one word – ‘manage.’

Fan: So you’re saying that you will not be held responsible for the private life issue that has come up.

Jung Wook: What kind of responsibility are you talking about?

Fan: Do not lead the witness.

Jung Wook: No, it is because you did which is why I’m answering like so. What kind of responsibility are you talking about?

Fan: I’m asking whether you are refusing to take responsibility for the image that Park Jaebum has received in Korea.

Jung Wook: If you ask me like that, I will give you a proper response. Now, at first, this type of discussion had come up.

Fan: President, please only say your main point.

Jung Wook: …-Now, I will give a response. I will give a response. This discussion came up, about not wanting to return on his own will. The parents do not want to send him. He has health problems. If these answers were provided, what would you have thought?

Fans: Could you please repeat that? We don’t quite understand.

Fan: President, what I’m asking is whether or not you will take responsibility for the future of Park Jaebum’s status in Korean society and his honor.

Jung Wook: I’m asking as to whether or not the company has a reason to take responsibility for that.

Fan: Because Park Jaebum was under JYPE at the time of the controversy. You’re saying that you refuse to take responsibility for mismanaging everything. So private lives aren’t worth managing.

Jung Wook: Because a celebrity is a free person that must take responsibility for his own actions.

Fan: I’m sorry but could I say something, too? In your announcement, you stated the term ‘private life.’ People have said a lot regarding this but Park Jaebum’s name is being tainted with unbelievable rumors that will anger anyone that reads it. His image is collapsing and we’re asking as to whether or not you will take responsibility for that. You said that, in your reason for his withdrawal.

Jung Wook: Now, if someone felt the need to ask me about that responsibility, Park Jaebum would ask me.

JYPE: Let’s organize the order of questions.

Fan: But because of the announcement, there are rumors coming out of it regarding Park Jaebum. Does Park Jaebum know that the announcement was released like that?

Jung Wook: Yes, he does know.

Fan: I would like a response as to whether you had to specifically use the words ‘impact on society,’ ‘a problem in society.’ And did Park Jaebum agree, knowing that it would cause a big impact on the general public?

Jung Wook: Yes, he did. Was this an adequate response?

Fan: Earlier, we said this when you weren’t here. There are rumors that are spreading about not only Jaebum but also the other members that we can’t even talk about, if you don’t do anything and just say that it’s not true, that rumor will just keep getting bigger and become a fact and even know some fans are accepting it as truth. Well, like you said the tonkatsu was like that too and because of this those people (the fan page staff)’s personal information is all released and not only that but many things have been believed to be true. What measures will you take from now on, If you don’t have any plans of handling these rumors. If the company’s celebrity’s protecting division will send out a report or if you can’t block it then we hope you will come out with rebuttals of the claims,

Fan: Anyway, I believe that JYPE is in a situation where they have already lost a lot of trust from the fans, and whatever you wrote in that official statement, I think that fans would not have accepted the fact that Jaebum wouldn’t come back. Then why did you have to say that it was his ‘personal life problem’ and a ‘social impact’.

Jung Wook: I will answer the second question first. Everybody may know that no matter what we put in our official statement, you guys would not have accepted it. That’s how we felt also. That was one of our reasons. Another reason was that people might think that Jaebum himself did not want to come back to Korea and that’s why he’s not coming back, the other 6 members are smiling and still promoting…I really did not want these boys to become cowards or betrayers. Because,

Fans: They have already betrayed! It’s too late now…

Jung Wook: Rep: I’m sorry, but this isn’t really polite towards the person who asked the question. I will start again. If we said that Jaebum did not want to come back and that’s why he’s not performing and if these kids just smiled and continued to perform, these kids did not get 1 minute or 1 second of rest last year, they worked very hard with the hope that they will be able to perform again, but why… Why do these kids have to become betrayers, this is my 2nd reason. And this is the 3rd reason. We are a company. When a company tells all these people publicly about these notices, they cannot lie. It is because of these 3 reasons.

Fan: And your reply about the rumors?

Jung Wook: Oh, sorry. About the rumor part there are 2 sides to this… First, fundamentally, about the rumors that the fans make up, how can we tell the fans to act this way or that… Even if the fans have or not have faith in us, they are still fans… Principally, I don’t think it’s a good idea to have a confrontation with fans. If this is something that the company has to deal with, well they are dealing with it.. I don’t know what will happen from now on but if there are too absurd rumors derived from personal attacks, we have experienced these kinds of rumors a long time ago. If you experience and grab onto it, they’re high schoolers, middle schoolers… Because these things were frequent, that rather becomes social news, as we give and take give and take. There are lots of insistence about this topic, but we are thinking about a variety of solutions.

JYPE: The next question, the person in the front. The person looking up.. yes.

Fan: In the beginning, as the other members said, on December 22, it was said here that all of the sudden, he personally called the President, and the other members said they had no idea about it. So he kept it a secret to himself and neglected it until he told the President. So he either couldn’t hide it anymore or his conscious couldn’t stand it so he called. If not that, were there external factors is the questions I would like to ask.

Jung Wook: Okay, on December 22, at exactly 4pm, we received a call. He called me several times over the day. Later, if you’re really curious, I can give you the phone records.

Fans: Please find it for us!

Jung Wook: Yes. I will let them know. Now, whether that person had a motive or if there was external pressure… to give you a hint, to answer this would giveaway the overall situation so I cannot answer this. Even before. For him… I do not know. Even if, just before, Nichkhun said that, only he or his family can share this. We cannot tell you about that. We can only tell you that there was definitely a call that day.

JYPE: The next question. Yes, the person in front.

Fan: I will ask my question now. So you said that you cannot take responsibility for someone’s private life. But you said the announcements stated that Jaebum’s dismissal was due to his private life. But, just before, the members said Jaebum had made the same mistake several times. But if this is an issue that would make the public angry, then the public should have been angry before. But, before it was publicized, there was nothing on the internet and people didn’t know about it. So to say people didn’t know about this before means the opposite- that Jaebum’s private life was managed very well since other people didn’t know. So then, why is the company claiming to not take responsibility for private lives pleading that it’s Jaebum’s private life. So to terminate the kid, the company is making up this excuse to kick him out. Am I wrong?

Jung Wook: You are wrong. Kim Junsu stated before that it was a repeated offense. However, the members did not know it was repeated – they only found out all at once in the end.

Fan: So, if Jaebum committed this mistake repeatedly, then there should be a person that he’s made that mistake to, right?

Fans: That’s not right! You can’t ask a question that way.

Jung Wook: The person in question could probably answer for themselves but I cannot give you an answer.

Fan: So going by what the company has asserted, if there really is a flaw in Jaebum-ssi’s personal life, are you saying that the company and the members had no idea of it until he called on December 22nd?

Jung Wook: Yes.

Fan: So then, starting Again & Again activities through December, that’s about 6 months. During that time, Park Jaebum personally managed his private life very well.

Jung Wook: Yes.

Fan: Right? According to the company, you found out when you got the phone call.

Jung Wook: Yes.

Fan: Right? So you found out and, if I were to phrase this in another way, since he had managed his private life very well up until that point, the company wouldn’t have had to make a notice specifically stating, “He can not return as a member because of a severe mistake in his private life.” But because you stated the notice in such a way, his personal, private life is the one bulging out in this situation here.

Jung Wook: The answer to this is similar to the question just before…

Fan: So, what we’re trying to say is that this kid managed his private life extremely well. But in the end, JYPE used it as an excuse to terminate him. This is what we are skeptical of right now.

Jung Wook: To those issues, I’ve already said the my explanation with three reasons. It seems like you’re asking a similar question. It seems like the context of the question is the same. Basically, we had no idea until December 21st. We didn’t know… We can’t give you a response as to why we he specifically revealed it on December 22nd when he’s managed it so well up until then. The fans will be able to infer and speculate from that answer. I won’t be able to reply regarding that…

Jung Wook: And you’re also asking why we wrote our announcement with that reason. I have answered you with three reasons. These friends (referring to 2PM) have not done anything wrong. And in some ways, you can see them as victims, these friends. Also, being in the position of an official company, we could not lie about this part. I’ve already stated this before.

Fan: I’m sorry, but your explanation was long and hard to understand.

Jung Wook: Did nobody understand… Is there anyone here that understood? Our position?

Fans: We understood.

JYPE: Because everyone has said that you understood the answer to that question, we will go to the next question.

Fan: I feel the need to clarify this once again.

Jung Wook: Yes

Fan: So, if there wasn’t the controversy in September, I would like to confirm once again whether this was an offense great enough to still terminate him.

Jung Wook: Yes.

Fan: And first, if the same thing happened to a different member, if they committed the same mistake as Jaebum, I would like to know whether they would make the same decision that Jaebum made.

Fan: Also, even if this fan meeting ends, there might be people who accept this, but I also think that there will definitely be people who do not accept this. I also think that there will be people asking you to reveal Jaebum’s mistake. Because we are also in a situation where there are requests for the group to split up. I would like to ask whether you plan to reveal Jaebum’s mistake or not, even when the situation gets more severe after this conference.

Jung Wook: To answer your first question, as the announcement said, the past September’s situation Park Jaebum that led to his team withdrawal, we never once thought that it was an issue that would bar him from returning. Now, it’s the same with this issue. I don’t know if you all know, but Park Jin Young and I can speak English. We both know English. Those things can have different nuances that can be misunderstood, of course, for some people. However, the important thing is that never considered it as something that should determine a person’s future which is why we prepared for his return.

Jung Wook: Second, regardless of that September issue, we would have made the same conclusion. No matter how much pressure is given, we, with our mouths, will never tell you Park Jaebum’s issue or story.

Jung Wook: Third answer, Jang Wooyoung, Ok Taecyeon, Nichkhun, Hwang Chansung, Lee Junho, Kim Junsu – if any of those members had the same issue, the decision would have been the same.

Jung Wook: Yes, the next person.

Fan: So just like before, the other question?

Jung Wook: Ah, Yes. No matter the situation, no matter how much pressure is given, we, with our mouths, will never tell you this story.

Fan: Before, you, the CEO, spoke in English, and also stated the Park Jinyoung PD can speak English also. Then you probably knew that the Myspace controversy was mistranslated. Even if you ask a professional or an expert, there is still the possibility of it being mistranslated. As for me, I am an English major, which does not mean I’m an expert on it, but I did ask my professor last break with the document in question. I asked him, do you think this is belittling Korea? My professor told me that it there’s a problem that is criticizing it as such because it is in no way belittling Korea, nor does it make sense. Then, if you, Jung Wook CEO, and Park Jinyoung PD both know English, why did you not clarify this. We expected you to reveal the clarification through an expert but you didn’t. You did not shield him from anything, which is what I’m curious about. And you stated before that this isn’t an issue big enough for a member in a group, let alone the leader, to withdraw and never promote in Korea again. You also said that it wasn’t a big enough issue that was worthy of bringing about suicide petitions. We all agree to that, of course. But why did not you clarify, specifically before the controversy got any bigger, and why did you not shield him? No matter what kind of company you are, isn’t it definite that you protect the celebrities in your agency? Whether or not you manage them, of course.

Jung Wook: I exactly remember those three days. During those three days, why did the fans not shield him themselves?

Fans: (Murmured discussions)

Jung Wook: I am not questioning you from my position. Because those three days went by faster than what you guys are thinking. I’m sure you can tell by Park Jinyoung’s statements on Golden Fishery and our company’s notifications and announcements that they were all consistent. It’s not that big of a mistake. It’s something that anyone can have a misunderstanding with. And about the criticisms, that isn’t something that we can control regarding the nation. There are even misunderstandings between people that speak the same language – English. And regarding that, the company… More than what you are thinking. This is the same for the 2PM members. But more than what you are thinking, Jaebum is important. And what’s even more upsetting and heart breaking is that this was the week that we decided to open a press conference for his return.

Fan: First of all, I’m not sure what other people will think of this but when that controversy first exploded, we truly believed that staying calm was the best way to help. As long as you’re not an idiot, I don’t know. I’m not sure what other people think but as soon as I saw the document in question, you said so yourself right? That you know English and that even people that know or don’t know are able to know that they’re not comments belittling Korea but belittling JYPE. So we believed that the company would handle it.

Fan: And you’ve just stated it but the company has never really made that big of an announcement. Anyone knows this. At that time, did Park Jaebum know us? He didn’t know anybody. The only people he knew at that time was the people of JYP. The Koreans that Park Jaebum stated (in his Myspace) were the people of JYP. The only thing I can think of is that you as the company has committed a wrong… I’d like to know your thoughts regarding this matter.

Jung Wook: Regarding the question on that matter, I’m sure you can ask any of the members, but yes, we all did it together. The first one, basically. The second one, yes, you’re right. Jaebum is included. You’re talking about the September situation, right? The solution that we all put our heads together to come up with is the first one. And we’re not saying that we handled that controversy well. For example, we’re not saying that we did well and were able to change the situation around in merely 3~4 days. We have nothing we want to say regarding that matter. But fortunately, the situation was immediately reversed.

JYPE: Yes, next. The person back there. Yes.

Fan: If you look at the MySpace text, it says the company demanded Jaebum a 10-year contract, but instead, an 8-year contract was done. Can you please explain this in detail?

Jung Wook: Yes, I can explain that. Lately, I surf around the internet and read things. So first, the contract period … the contract period … is what – an unfair contract renewal? I even discussed this with the Fair Trade Commission Committee… If you look on the internet you will find it. The contract period does not fall into unfair standards. We worry about 10 years, and there are those who say they want to develop 10 years. Regardless, we eventually decided on a 7-year contract.

JYPE: Who has the next question? Yes. Again? Yes.

Fan: So then, at first contract was 10 years, right?

Jung Wook: That’s correct.

Fan: Then next, Jaebum said you met (him) and said it was 8-years. So can you also explain what happened? Along with the 7-year contract you said?

Jung Wook: 8 years, 7 years sequentially reduced.

Fan: The important thing anyways that Jaebum has an 8-year contract, right?

Jung Wook: It was a 7-year contract.

Fan: Ah. The conditions?

Jung Wook: All of the contracts had the same conditions.

Fan: So, you’re saying that everyone is proposed a 10-year contract at first?

Jung Wook: Yes, that’s correct. At first we talked about a 10-year contract.

Fan: Before in your perspective, when you asked why we couldn’t shield Jaebum, I would like to give you an example of one of Japan’s celebrities, Sakai Noriko. She was under drug abuse. That person had a company representative who went on TV, went on his knees and cried as he begged for the chance to apologize to the entire nation. Because of this, that person was able to continue being a celebrity. Park Jaebum trusted your company and came all the way from America to this country without one family member. How do you expect the fans to be able to trust a company that cannot even shield a person like that? How can the company just say ‘I don’t care, he is withdrawing.’ Do you think it’s right that you are just sending him off like this?

Jung Wook: You’ve mentioned two situations, but I think the second one was a little different. You mentioned a situation in Japan, but the thing is that every country would handle such situations differently. For example, if the same issue were to take place in America, that celebrity would have a lawsuit from the company. If the issue you had brought up were to happen in America, the celebrity would be subjected to a lawsuit from the company, and it would probably be enough for his/her family to go bankrupt. Every country is different. As for when I had asked the fans the part about the ‘shield’, for example, if someone were to say to the fans ‘Why didn’t you defend him?’ won’t you remember how it felt? I would like for you to ask the members themselves. Ask them if the company was doing nothing at the time. Ask them what we were doing.

Fan: Yes, right now, there are rumors about Jaebum promising to stop his activities for the next 5 years in Korea after receiving money for penalty. If that’s so, the thing I want to ask the company is that if this rumor turns out to be false, and if Park Jaebum wants to return, but there really is an unspeakable problem at the moment, and despite that problem, he will risk it and decide to return, not to JYPE but to a different entertainment company, will JYPE be leaving him alone?

Jung Wook: First of all, I’m not sure what penalty that you are talking about. Basically in a situation like Park Jaebum’s, the chances of him paying a penalty is… because the other members are already endorsing in many advertisements right now, and as the person who had asked before what if this happened to another member, then that member will probably go bankrupt from paying penalties. Because of the commercials. But because Park Jaebum-goon isn’t endorsing anything right now, I’m not sure what penalty…

Fan: The penalty given by the company.

Jung Wook: There is no penalty that is to be paid for by Park Jaebum. It seems like all of you think that if you get signed with a company, you will have to pay millions of dollars if you breach the contract, but there is no such thing. And secondly, the contract has been terminated. Because of this, it no longer matters what he does or who he does it with.

Fan: The truth is, didn’t you say that his contract was 7 years long? And the reason that Jaebum’s contract had been terminated was because he confessed his mistake, right? From our perspective as fans, we thought that Jaebum was the one who had to pay penalty to the company.

Jung Wook: We decided to let him leave without a penalty, Jaebum was also given an equal distribution of income during the time when the members had activities without him.

Fan: Yes, I wanted to ask a few more questions concerning the termination. I would like to know when exactly his contract was terminated, and the amount of legal information that JYPE has on Park Jaebum-goon, and the length of that time. I would also like to know about the profit shared with him and to what extent was equally distributed to him. Lastly, I would like to know if there is dual contract.

Jung Wook: The contract was terminated yesterday. It was after all the issues were announced yesterday, and there is no dual contract. And also, after the termination, we have no legal information on him.

Fan: And please tell us about how the pay was distributed.

Jung Wook: We pay about once every 3 months. We do it every 3 months, and the profit earned from activities in October, November, and December were paid in January, and Jaebum received money up to there.

Fan: And can you share the content of the contract termination?

Jung Wook: (receives the contract from another company representative) It says, “The contract between the two parties is now void.” That is what it says. There are no other clauses.

International Fan: Hi, um. I’m a representative of 2ONEDAY.com from Chicago. Um….

Fans: Please speak in English

Jung Wook: Yes, you may speak in English

International Fan: Yeah, sorry. So, um, I was wondering do you guys have any plans to go to the US and would you be introduced as a 6 member group, and would you have a new leader. Do you have plans for a new leader?

Taecyeon: To be honest, we don’t have any plans right now. We don’t have any plans right now, so I don’t think we’re gonna have like, oh, pick a new member and put him as a leader, or we’re not gonna do anything like that. And first- second of all, I don’t think we’re not gonna pick out a new leader and go to the US and be like, you know, ‘We were a 7 member group but now we’re 6.’ We’re not gonna say that. It’s already been decided.

Fan: What?

Taecyeon: It’s already been decided, we are 6 now.

Jung Wook: Yes, if the person beside you has a question,

International Fan: I’m also from Chicago, so, okay, but I was wondering that whole Myspace work, comment, if that didn’t happen at all, would Jay be kicked out of 2PM?

Jung Wook: You mean by this matter?

International Fan: Yeah, well if the Myspace didn’t happen. If the whole controversy just never happened.

Jung Wook: Yeah, sure, sure

International Fan: So he would have still been kicked out?

Jung Wook: Yes.

JYPE: Yes, the person behind.

Fan: Then isn’t there a chance for there to be a conflict among the members? With the company? There are times when the 7 members and the company had conflicts between them right? I was wondering how you would solve such conflict if it were to happen.

Taecyeon: What kind of conflicts are you talking about?

Fan: All issues. Like Jaebum’s issue or even with things related with this conference, problems may surface. I think that there must be times when someone might say I don’t want to do this. I was wondering how you handle such a situation?

Taecyeon: To be honest, we don’t really have serious conflicts, and even if one were to happen, the idea of the company forcing us to act in a certain way is ridiculous, and we aren’t kids who’d listen to that. And if a disagreement arises, we talk it out.

Fan: Although everyone agreed on the termination on January 6th, the contract itself was terminated yesterday. Because of this, you should remember that you had told the fans to stop selling materials related with Jaebum on January 14th. But now because the contract is terminated, are we allowed to make and sell materials related to Jaebum from Jaebum’s fan page? Or can the AOM members sell merchandise related to Jaebum?

Jung Wook: First of all, about the story about the company on January 14th, I heard about it later as well. The information was only given to very few within the company, and only very few people knew about it. The reason for this is because it has to do with his privacy. And as we had told you about the contract, because Park Jaebum is now with the AOM crew, it is no longer in our company’s control to control or touch anything that has to do with that.

Fan: So you don’t care about the merchandise?

Jung Wook: Not at all.

Taecyeon: No, but the merchandise all belongs to Jaebum-hyung right? You need to get permission from Jaebum-hyung himself. Why are you already thinking about selling them?

Fan: No, I’m not talking about the sale of them…

Taecyeon: You just told us about selling.

Taecyeon: Either way, you still have to ask Jaebum-hyung. It doesn’t have anything to do with us.

Fan: Selling was not the point, I was just asking if we could or could not.

Taecyeon: Yeah, ask Jaebum-hyung.

Fans: (Turmoil)

Fan: Since we’re talking about the contract termination, there is something that I wanted to ask. Even though Jaebum-goon was withdrawn from 2PM, he was part of the activities from the 1st and 2nd Single albums right? And the rest of the 6 members are to continue their activities with the name of 2PM. Right?

Jung Wook: Yes.

Fan: If that is so, then when 2PM is to come out during end of the year shows and awards, they will be performing congratulatory stages as well. In those stages, they will be singing songs from the 1st and 2nd single albums, and in those parts, Jaebum’s part is also included right? In that sense, I wanted to ask if Jaebum has a “copyright” for that and if he would also be paid a part of the income for those.

Jung Wook: In essence, when an artist sings they automatically have something called a “performance right.” Artists become members of the performer’s association, and artists must seek rights associated with their songs from this association.
And well, for this example, in our position, if a member is not there, then we would have to be prepared to edit and create a new part for that particular part.

Fan: Well the members had said before that they thought of Jaebum as family, and in this situation they said they had made this decision in order to protect Jaebum-goon, but none of you had actually known about his personal life right? On December 22nd, before he had given a call to the representative, nobody knew, and I wanted to know, if it was something that could not be protected, and if you mentioned “personal life” because of your guilty conscience and the company’s policy. You said you only used the words ‘personal life’ to gain the fans’ understanding. Then why were no questions answered to the existing fans and why was there no communication to them? That is, why was ‘personal life’ suddenly emphasized so much in the first place if you were going to be like that? And you’ve always said that you are family, then if you are family and even if the fans had ordered you, isn’t it only right that you would cover and protect him from the issue?

Jung Wook: I think you’re asking the same question. It seems like the same question is going around…

Fan: I think it’s different. There are so many rumors that he only said it out of his own conscience, why the personal life? Were there other pressures?

JYPE: When that was asked before, we said that we cannot give you an answer as the answer itself can be inferred in a different way. We will take the next question.

Fan: If you notice the situation, it was on December 22nd that he himself had called JYPE and confessed that he had made an even bigger mistake, but even after this, there were many videos of him participating in many b-boying competitions. And before this, he would come out by covering his face, or wore a mask, (but now) he shows his face, and when his fans ask for a sign, he gives them his sign and even shares a few words, and he even comes out wearing the clothes that his fans sent him. And the fact that these b-boying competitions can be shown not just in Korea, but worldwide is known to everyone, and for someone who had done something so bad as to quit from their own team… So everyone knows Park Jaebum-goon’s personality right? At that time when everything had exploded in August, he had given 90 degree bows on stage by completely bending his hips. And on August 8th when everything was weighing down on him, a person who had done something so bad as to quit his team, don’t you think that he seemed a little too strong? So I wanted to ask that if he had made such an unspeakable mistake, how is he able to show himself in public like that.

Jung Wook: I think you’ll have to ask him that yourself.

Chansung: That’s something that we want to ask too. Why is he acting like that?

Fans: (Turmoil)

International Fan: Hi, can I ask this to Nichkhun and Taecyeon? Um, even the comments he made on myspace, you guys should’ve known that that comment wasn’t to belittle Korea but he was just venting out because of the cultural differences so, but, when this happened he didn’t talk to you or Nichkhun about it and if you knew, you should’ve known that like, that comment wasn’t something so bad. So why did you feel the need to leave?

Taecyeon: I mean, the point when uh, all Koreans found out like, what was on Myspace.. No one cared. Everyone was like uh just go and kill yourself. It wasn’t like oh, he must’ve done something you know, he must have, you know, some kind of reason to write that, it wasn’t you know, anything, no one cared about him. Not even one single reply like, we still love you Jay, no one did that. What, what am I supposed to feel? I mean Jay probably felt the pressure more than, you know, anyone could feel

International Fan: So you couldn’t persuade him to stay?

Nichkhun: Well, we though that if he had stayed, he might’ve gotten hurt by like, people like around him cause people, really, you know, hated him and so, I, we didn’t want him to go, of course, but he felt that it was the best way to save him and save everyone from getting hurt.

Taecyeon: Then think about, I mean. Luckily the fact that he left made, you know, a lot of people say oh we were kinda like you know witch hunting and what not, but back then it wasn’t like that, so, by leaving I think it was the best thing that he could’ve done for us and for himself

International Fan: And when he left, did you count on that maybe he would come back later? After this was over?

Taecyeon: Of course. From the day that he left, we knew that he was going to come back. We had that belief.

International Fan:Thank you.

JYPE: So in short, since Nichkhun and Taecyeon know English, during Jaebum’s Myspace happening didn’t they know that it wasn’t a huge deal and their thoughts on that were that Jaebum felt a lot of pressure from that and then it was asked that did you have the faith that he would come back from the day he left and they answered that yes, they had that belief. Now the next question?

Fan: So there’s info that on September 23, Park Jin Young went to Seattle himself and met Jaebum. And so the thing we want to check is that his parents say that they didn’t meet and eat with him and so we wonder why this was written and where the info came from. Furthermore, to ready for Jaebum’s comeback, we want to know what kind of activities you were doing to prepare him, like a teacher or that if he took lessons, and so we’d like to know about that.

Jung Wook: For now, like it says on the bulletin, Park Jin Young went to Seattle and found teachers and readied lessons, and the part about Park Jin Young eating with his parents is something that reporters made up but Park Jin Young did meet with his parents and discussed activities to ready Jaebum. And so he met with his (Jaebum’s) mother and father and it was decided that there would be lessons and the idea was approved by Lee Seokeen, and so that’s what happened. And it’s already been said, but what we were preparing for was with what had happened, with what kind of schedule, how to bring him back and if it’s a failure and because of people’s misinterpretations, if Jaebum can’t come back. A lot of people have misunderstood thinking that we weren’t bringing Jaebum back due to economic issues or failures. Another company tried to use Jaebum as their only model, up until January. We had all these plans ready. We were thinking of using that advertisement as his comeback.

Fan: There were many times where JYPE failed to listen to the fan club, Hottests, and have announced one sided notifications to the fans. Right? Is this right? If you never planned to communicate with the fan club, why did you establish a fan club. Did you establish a fan club in order to just make money?

Jung Wook: Basically, the income that the company receives from the fan club is not even 1 cent. I don’t know if you know but the fee that you pay in order to join the fan club is used for the management of the fan club. The company does not get a cent of it. Not even 1 cent. And regarding the notifications… I’m not sure. We can’t meet like this every day and have conferences. I’m not sure what kind of communication you want but in all of Korea, I think we are the only company to open a conference like this for fans so I’m not sure what I should reply to you with.

Fan: I have a follow up question. Hottest was first made to support 7 members. If a 6 member 2PM continues promoting, will you guys keep the name Hottest?

Jung Wook: I don’t have anything to say about that right now That sounds like you’re telling us not to perform as a 6 member 2PM, so it’s hard to give you an answer. Hottest is a fanclub for 2PM

JYPE: Yes, the next question please…

Fan: Through JYP’s official site, you guys made an official statement that on January 6th, with the agreement of the 6 members, you decided on a permanent withdrawal. However, it has been over a month. It is February 27th today, right? With this, you guys publicly announced it, even if you weren’t using Jaebum as a private and personal tool for marketing, you guys undoubtedly used the press and media to reveal this, and because of this, it is true that 2PM and JYP has become an issue. Despite the fact that he already went through a permanent withdrawal, you guys don’t try to block the continuous reference to his name. Why is this?

Jung Wook: If you read the last part of the official announcement, Park Jaebum himself has told us when to reveal this. His withdrawal was decided on Saturday, January 6th, but he himself did not want it to be revealed then.

Fan: So you’re saying that you decided to reveal it around February. But that means that the company already decided to permanently withdraw him in January.

Jung Wook: This is true

Fan: Then during that time, shouldn’t you have blocked the possibility of it becoming a big issue? The press is treating Jaebum as if he is a piece of fish on a cutting board. He’s being slashed left and right but to make such a decision…

Jung Wook: But if you explain it that way—

Fan: From the company–.

Jung Wook: Yes.

Fan: Well the members and the press, too, but shouldn’t you have blocked such hateful articles being released by broadcasts and the press?

Jung Wook: Then that would mean we would have had to say that Jaebum wouldn’t be returning? Jaebum himself didn’t want that at the time. He asked for time.

JYPE: Yes, the person in the back.

Fan: Then you’re saying that in the past, when you guys mentioned Jay in interviews and other things, it was because you couldn’t talk about the situation that has occurred now

Jung Wook: You’re asking that to the members, right?

Fan: Then I’ll just say it all together. The members said it on air but were thinking different things. They’ve said that he’s, in reality, a good person, but because they are in the situation that they are in, they weren’t able to reveal the truth. I don’t think they went out of their way to hold off on making such statements. But now, since the withdrawal is finalized, I would like to ask whether the members, whether in interviews or on air, plan to continue to say Jaebum’s name?

Taecyeon: We don’t know either.

Fan: Then are you saying that if you do have a chance, you will mention him?

Taecyeon: I don’t know either. I think we have to get there to know. We don’t know what kinds of questions we’ll be asked in the future.


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