[2PM] Press Conference 10/02/27 part3

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Fan: Then what the CEO stated earlier was saying that you continued saying Jaebum’s name because you could not tell the fans of this current situation… I’ll tell you one thing.

Jung Wook: Okay

Fan: Since you weren’t able to say it before because the decision had not been out yet, will you now be blocking them from saying Jaebum’s name on broadcasts?

Jung Wook: A person’s feelings–.

Fans: No, just–.

Jung Wook: I am giving an answer. I’m giving an answer to the person that asked the question. You can’t know a person’s heart. Can we give answers to these kinds of things in the future to the fans? Let’s be aware of each other.. This is a person’s heart, it can come out at any moment. Your persistent questioning, “Why didn’t you tell us when you already knew,” is in my opinion, not fair.

Fan: Okay, let’s just leave the members at that then. Will you be making corrections when the press releases articles using Jaebum’s name and connecting him to 2PM without his consent?

Jung Wook: Park Jaebum is not a celebrity in our agency anymore so we have no right to do that. Unless he himself requests it, we can’t make corrections to articles that use his name.

JYPE: Yes, we will go to the next question. The person at the very end

Fan: This is a question that I have been worried about after you answered the previous questions. It’s true that the fans are not viewing the press positively right now. We know that when an agency turns their back to the press, there is a lot to be lost and nobody receives any benefits. Even if you say you are cutting off ties with the press, and even if you don’t give the press any information or materials, the press can make up articles whenever they want.

Fan: If that happens, I think that 2PM’s promotions will be affected by the press if you do not secure a good relationship with them. I’m a bit worried because you don’t seem to want to come to a compromise with them. Do you have any plans to create a better relationship with the press?

Jung Wook: We have a good relationship with most of the press. We do have a good relationship, but as I stated earlier, us more so than you guys will never be able to forget the title that the press used. ‘The younger brothers that are protecting their trouble making leader.’ I’m not saying that we are going to fight with the press but I am saying that it does make us feel bad.

JYPE: Yes, the next question.

Fan: Then I will ask something that is related to what I asked before. Jaebum has no connections to JYPE now anyway, right? Jaebum is in America now, and through the articles of JYP, the news keeps coming out through the press about Jaebum’s mistake. We don’t know what mistake he has committed, but because of his actions, you’re saying that it is right for him to be banned from society, right? You are stating that you have no plans to react against or to shield anything regarding that matter, right? Am I right? Since Jaebum isn’t a part of your company, you’re saying that you will just leave the issue alone. Whether he receives treatment like trash, or whether he’s treated wrongly by the press, you don’t care.

Taecyeon: I don’t know why you keep thinking that we didn’t shield anything. The fact that we’re not even revealing what Jaebum hyung did is protecting him in itself…

Fan: Oh really? I see, then.

Taecyeon: And rumors are bound to disappear.

Fan: Rumors are bound to disappear? No. As long as you don’t correctly clarify anything, they will never disappear.

Fans: (Turmoil)

Fan: Why? Because of what he did, the company and the members have let go of his hand. You have stated that it is such a severe crime that you had no choice but to let go of his hand. You’ve also stated that you will not be opening your mouths to clarify anything in order to protect him. We wouldn’t know how you’re protecting him because you’re basically saying, by not opening your mouths in order to clarify his name, that you will leave him to fend for himself against these rumors. You’re saying that this is your way of protecting him, right? It’s what you have stated.

JYPE: After you give us the question, we’ll answer before you ask any additional questions.

Taecyeon: Rumors… I don’t know what rumors you’re talking about.

Fan: Are you seriously telling me that you don’t know anything about the rumors circulating right now, Ok Taecyeon? You seriously don’t know?

Fans: (Turmoil)

JYPE: If you have any more questions, please ask them after they answer the other question please.

Junho: I think you’re a little worked up right now, which I understand completely. But if we were to clarify for Jaebum, the only we can do that is by revealing the truth. The thing is, if we were to really, truthfully reveal the mistake that Jaebum hyung committed, then the love and support that you guys feel towards Jaebum hyung might disappear. That’s why we aren’t packaging it… We are trying our best to protect him. And about rumors, they only sound truthful when you all listen to them. Rumors… You don’t have to be so held up on rumors.

Fan: Of course we only think of them as rumors.

Taecyeon: Yes, of course.

Fan: Fans, of course, don’t know what’s going on so they treat rumors as a speculation of the truth. Even if they aren’t true, they become the truth because it’s the only information that we have.

Junho: So what I’m saying is that if people continue to talk about that mistake and continue to bring it to the spotlight, more and more people will hear of the rumor and accept it.

Fans: (Turmoil)

JYPE: Yes, yes. We will consider the question answered, then. Anyone else with a question? The person with the hat.

Fan: I’ll give you an additional question. If that is the case, about the rumor you are talking about, if you don’t tell us the rumor and just remain silent, when or if it gets revealed later, are you saying that the situation will get worse?

Taecyeon: Yes, that is true

Fan: Then if you reveal that rumor, will Jaebum’s situation get worse? That we will even feel resentment towards him?

Taecyeon: Yes

Fan: I understand

JYPE: The next question please. The person in front

JYPE: Can you please use the mic

Fan: Earlier, you said in order to protect the celebrities in your company, you only revealed that it was a personal mistake and said that you couldn’t reveal anything else. But, the fact that you revealed that it was a personal matter, even though Park Jaebum is a normal person right now, can’t you consider it slander?

Fans: (Turmoil)

Jung Wook: That part… If the announcement was really slander, do you think we would’ve announced it? If he himself considers it slander, then I guess it can be slander.

JYPE: Yes the person in the back

Fan: In the case of the recent album, with the premise that Jaebum will come back, the marketing was successful and many normal people along with fans have gotten the hope that he would come back. Of course, the contract was terminated because of an unchangeable mistake. Keeping this in mind, there has been a bit of damage to 2PM’s healthy and happy image. And because of this, there may be a lot of backlash and opposition from advertisement companies. I was just wondering if you guys have decided anything regarding this matter. The members have to continue on as 2PM now but looking at the current situation, it seems as if 2PM is receiving damage to their name. I would like to know what JYPE plans to do to handle this.

Jung Wook: We haven’t really discussed with the advertising companies. And because Jaebum was not contracted to any advertising company, we don’t have anything to settle with them regarding that matter. 2PM is promoting fine. Without any problems.

JYPE: The person in the front with glasses. I don’t think you’ve asked a question yet.

Fan: For now, you probably know what most of the people here are not happy with. Right now, whatever the reason was for the termination of the contract, fans really want to know, but if it is a very serious problem, we don’t have to know. And also, through the contract termination, he doesn’t have to come back to 2PM, but when you released a public statement, did you have to say that it was because of his personal mistake that led to the termination of his contract, emphasizing the fact that it was because of this mistake that he had to withdraw? Was there really no other way? And also, another thing I want to ask. You saw the article, right? That JYPE is faultless, it is hard not to have fault. There has been rumors of drugs. You know musicians in America right? They did drugs, they still perform. Japan? They did drugs. They still perform. Also in our country, there has been some personal mistakes, but they still perform. Also, there is another present idol who has made a big mistake, he still performs. Now, with all of these situations, if us, the fans, admit and accept this announcement as the truth, then Jaebum must have committed something very severe. Why did you have to use this option? Why?

Jung Wook: Shall we give you a response? I will respond by unraveling three things. The same question keeps coming out.

Fan: I would like to ask again. The negative image that JYPE keeps pursuing..

Jung Wook: I’m not sure what image you are talking about…

Fan: You’re saying that since he is an unfit member–.

Jung Wook: We have never thought that. Well, yes. It seems like you are jumping to conclusions.

Fan: It was written in the announcement.

Jung Wook: This part… I’ll say it like this. I replied with three reasons.

Fan: Did you really have no other plan?

Jung Wook: No, we didn’t. Regarding this situation, we really had no other plan.

Fan: Earlier, when the CEO replied that there wouldn’t be much of a problem for a 6 member 2PM to perform, the way I see it and the others in this room, even after we leave the conference, there will be a lot of people who won’t accept JYPE’s intentions. Even if the people in here accept it, people will react saying that we got brainwashed as the fans are already very unhappy with this. As you may know, the homepage is dividing and a lot of criticisms and curses are used towards the other members and some are even saying all 6 should break up. I think this will be a big problem to their promotions. I want to know what you think about this and what you are going to do with the fans with this kind of mindset

Jung Wook: First, when you mentioned that I said that they wouldn’t have much problems with promotions, I was talking about the advertisers and how they won’t take all of this to account. Of course, we ourselves wrote the official statement. I talked about the invitation earlier, the fact that this very talented friend got hit by a fatal blow. The reason why we waited for that friend was because everyone knew that he had huge potential. And because the situation came to this, the other members are the ones that must continue with this weight on their shoulders. It’s the same for the company. Regardless, we started as 7 members but now that we are in a situation where we have permanently become 6 members, we know that we have to try that much harder. I think that this is something the members can elaborate on for themselves.

JYPE: Yes, we will get another question, the person in the front please. The person in front, the 3rd row back.

International Fan: Um, now that you’ve talked about like the current issues, I was wondering about the future plan. The album was to be released in April, is that still coming? Is it still being released in April?

Taecyeon: I mean we are preparing for the.. I think, I can’t tell you exactly.

International Fan: And if this album is released, like how are we, how are you guys gonna um come back? But just, you know with the thing that happened with Heartbeat, you just focused on singing a song on stage. Not like entertainment shows. So with this album, are you going to be doing the same thing, like not appear on any shows?

Taecyeon: I mean, the reason why we didn’t come out on entertainment TV shows is because… We were kinda showing that we’re missing out on one piece, and we had a plan to bring Jay back and that’s what we were able to tell the television networks that we will be able to do entertainment shows again and we were all contracted and we started coming out. I mean, it’s already like, the signing’s been done so we have to go on the TV.. the entertainment TV shows where we found out that Jay’s not coming back. I mean, we can’t just tell the television network “Oh, we don’t wanna do it anymore because Jay’s not coming back.” It’s not as simple as that.

International Fan: And do you know about Jay’s future plan, or no?

Nichkhun: Yeah, I talked to.. I talked to him on the phone and he said that uh, he wants to concentrate on b-boying with his friends, AOM, and possibly he might go on America’s Best Dance Crew just for trying and I told him to go to school actually.

JYPE: In order to basically explain what they just talked about, the 1st question was about–. (Korean translation) We will move on to the next question

Fan: I think you would have thought about this before, but I was wondering if you guys were thinking about adding a new member to 2PM or if you’re planning to choose a new leader..

Fans: It was already asked.

JYPE: We already answered the leader part.

Junsu: There will never be a new member.

JYPE: Yes, we answered the question regarding the leader before. We will be taking another question. Yes, the person in the second row

Fan: I want to ask this to the CEO. Earlier you said that it was Jaebum’s personal life and said that the company wouldn’t be spiteful, we also want you keep this promise until the end, but in the case that this becomes an article, because you said this only JYPE knows, I think we would be able to know the source of the rumor, can you promise us that this won’t happen anymore?

Jung Wook: I believe that anyone would know, regardless if whether they are part of the company or not. We cannot give you a promise. The actual mistake might be found out or revealed so I can’t say anything more but I do think that there are others not sourced or associated with our company that knows of this issue.

Fan: Then do you believe that this issue has a chance of being revealed one day?

Jung Wook: We can’t accurately speculate this. I don’t know what’s going to happen either

Fan: It seems like Junho has something to say?

Jung Wook: Yes.

Junho: (shakes head, no)

JYPE: Yes, we will move on to the next question then.

Fan: Currently, Jaebum has been expelled from his university. This is a disability to him when being selected for jobs, whereupon people will be wondering reasons why measures were not taken. Also if Jaebum were to carry on with his life in America, he will be considered as a middle school graduate, did Jaebum also agree to this situation?

Jung Wook: First of all…

Taecyeon: He graduated from high school so I don’t know why he would be a middle school graduate..

Junsu: He graduated from Gu Jeong High school.

Fan: No, if it weren’t accepted in America–.

Taecyeon: America is not a country where they don’t accept high school graduates from foreign countries. If it’s acceptable, then they accept it. Why would they not accept him if he has a graduation certificate? And also… Yes. Well the situation of expulsion can be explained by the representative.

Jung Wook: About the expulsion situation, I don’t know if the school have contacted someone about this.. But in general, the members usually do school matters themselves. About academic procedures.

JYPE: Yes, we will receive another question.

Wooyoung: Excuse me, I’m sorry, but before receiving another question, I have a personal story of mine, can I share it?

Fans: Yes.

Wooyoung: Well, definitely the representative is here, and the other hyung’s are here, and company staff are here, but first of all, before I got a bit agitated so I could not control my emotions, I’m sorry. Please understand. Um.. I believe there is only one reason for us sitting here receiving questions and answering them, and preparing this. Why we withdrew Jaebum, and… what were we thinking, why did we do that? Why? I believe those to the biggest, the biggest question and the biggest answer.

Wooyoung: Well. First of all we made that decision with big distress. Um… I will say this again, but even with the thought of so many people working hard to the point of losing their minds, we could not do anything but make this decision. That is how big it was, I hope you think of it like that. Also, whether it was a social mistake or an illegal mistake, like Junsu said before, if you are people who really love and care for Jaebum hyung, and also if you think for us, even if it’s a little bit, then this is not much point asking the question because you are curious. If you really like him, then for that person, I believe you should think about that person’s pain first. Well, I don’t know if it’s just me who thinks this way, but like what Chansung wrote on his minihompepage, we are one, and we were going to walk together, and we had thankful minds. Even now.

Wooyoung: Um… basically we can’t do anything but continue on with our activities at six, and I’m very regretful for that. But now Jaebum hyung will have to live his life on own but, um… but us six, we will boldly give you this promise now but, from now on whatever hits us we will win as men with confidence.

Wooyoung: And, we will practice as hard as we can and, well, even if no-one listens to the song I will be happy. We promised each other. We will take on all responsibility and run to the end. And later on, much later on, we will become amazing people and we will show Jaebum hyung how far 2PM, have come right till the end. And, we’ll laugh and talk all together.

Wooyoung: In principle, we are six right now. But Jaebum is always in our minds, and I’d like it if you didn’t misunderstand and think that we threw him out and think badly of him. To be honest we, well, we’re not here to argue with you guys right? We’re here to solve any misunderstandings. If there is anything you are curious about, please ask. In some ways, we can see it as an excuse. There is no other way but to be excuses but… But we would like if everyone could set their minds comfortably even if it’s a little bit, and comfortably care for us one more time. We will return back to our rookie mindsets. We will return to our rookie mindsets and,

Wooyoung: It’s fine if you laugh at us. It’s good. Whatever you say… whatever bad comment? It doesn’t matter. We, will be 2PM until the end, with the 2PM name we will do our best to go right to the end.

Wooyoung: Yes. It’s okay if you laugh, we will use our best efforts right till the end. We don’t want to make everyone angry… and annoyed… and make you frown. We will honestly do everything we can do try out best.

Junsu: I need to say this right now, to be honest my heart hurts very, very much. To be honest, as we sit here we are feeling this right now, it’s so.. first of all you are not believing us, and not believing the company. Even our president Jinyoung hyung, it feels like you do not believe any of us. But to be honest this part makes me heart hurt a lot, we said this before but, people are saying we used Jaebum as a marketing strategy. Hearing that makes my heart hurt so much. For people to think like this and for people to not believe our company… In front of everyone…

Junsu: Um… To be honest my heart hurts a lot. After the announcement was made, the things that happened outside the company building, and how the company is getting so much criticism, my heart hurt a lot from that but, today to be honest, we created this conference so that we can sit here and say our completely truthful.. truthfully get you to believe us. So everyone here to be honest, I said this before, everyone here loves Jaebum. We too, Jaebum.. to be honest Jaebum… Like in my case I knew Jaebum right from the start. Ever since he came to Korea. So to be honest I.. during the September Myspace incident I was able to completely understand him. Because the words he said at that moment in time, it wasn’t Jaebum’s real mind.

Junsu: So we though Jaebum was definitely coming back, and our company’s president Jin Young hyung, after that incident we talked day after day of how we could get him to come back. We thought like that, and what really hurt my heart was during the MAMA awards, when we received the award, in Jaebum’s case he wasn’t there with us and that really hurt my heart. Because honestly as my friend who I knew for 5 years, because of his mistaking of words he really left to America, and whenever I thought of Jaebum my heart really hurt, and honestly I thought whatever happens we needed to get Jaebum back, and I’d always be thinking of him, and always calling him and always texting him and always keeping in contact with him, we were like that.

Junsu: But as you know, when I found out in 2010, honestly in my case, I was in such shock to the point where I was asking myself if Jaebum really committed what he did. To be honest when I heard that story from the president, when Jaebum honestly told the truth, until now Jaebum was always the type of person to, when making a mistake he would always solve it himself or regret by himself and always thinking about it himself, he was a friend like that, and to even call from America and tell the president like this, I felt that it must’ve been a huge deal, something that Jaebum could not take on for himself.

Junsu: Because of that reason, because it was such a huge deal, our members thought we should not tell everyone about it, and also it has become such a huge personal mistake, so if it wasn’t that then everyone would think of something else, for instance if we used a different reason, for instance if we used a fake reason and later on if it gets revealed, we would become liars. We don’t think that is right. This is really Jaebum’s personal mistake, it is really a personal mistake… I know everyone is curious but honestly to respect Jaebum’s human rights, to protect him, we will not reveal it.

Junsu: Yes, I will stop here.

JYPE: Yes, following on, we will keep taking questions. Is there anyone who has not yet asked a question? Have you asked a question? Yes, since you are asking for the first time, please ask your first question.

Fan: Yes, this is question for all of the members. It has been said that the news about Jaebum was revealed on January the 3rd. If you look through the internet, the things that are surfacing are, for Wooyoung and Junsu’s case, the many pictures of them seen on the 7th and the 6th. If you are hurt and sad now, were you not sad then?

Wooyoung: Ah.. if I were to say my truthful mind, if I were to say this out boldly… Whether we found out on January the 3rd or January the 6th, why is that so important? Just, we hated the truth. I don’t know. Why did I go to Busan?

Fans: Vacation.

Wooyoung: We went for a vacation. To be honest, we have not once had a vacation.

Fans: Pardon?

Wooyoung: We have not once had a vacation. We went because it was a holiday, we have never had a vacation before.

Jung Wook: (the mic was not turned on) You guys just went.

Wooyoung: That day must’ve been a holiday, President.

Fans: (Laughter)

Wooyoung: We just went. Do I have to be sad? Stuff like ‘why weren’t you sad?’, these questions I think are so immature. We just hated the reality so much and it was really difficult for us.

Chansung: And also, we were on a holiday to visit our family. Do we have to sit there quietly with sad faces? Do we have to sit there expressionless with sad faces while the whole family is happily together? And do we have to make a fool of ourselves on live television saying we want Jaebum hyung to return? Do we have to do that, us? So we have to make a commotion on show recordings by talking about Jaebum hyung in official settings, and even sitting here, you want us to make a commotion. Is that what you want us to do? Us?

Junsu: To be honest.. Someone asked before. Um, it’s true that we went to Daegu and Busan, but of course our hearts definitely hurt, definitely. But are our hurting hearts and minds a reason to not go to Busan and Daegu?…

Fan: It’s something requires time to think. The time you took was so short.

Taecyeon: Is 3 days a short period of time?

Fans: Yes.

Taecyeon: Is it really a short period of time?

Fans: Yes.

Taecyeon: If you think about it constantly for 24 hours, it’s not short, and…

Fan: (cuts in)

JYPE: We will receive more questions once we finish hearing his answer.

Taecyeon: And also, this thing, what Jaebum hyung did, if it was something small then… there is nothing to think about. But this is so big that from the moment we heard about it, virtually all of us agreed on the decision. To be honest it’s just that the actual decision was made 3 days after. During those 3 days, no matter where we went, we were all thinking about it. Are we not allowed to laugh everywhere we go, and when people say “Oh! it’s 2PM’s Taecyeon!” I have this major frown on my face and say “Whatever.” What, can I talk like that?

Taecyeon: We are public figures – that’s our job. A job where we have to show ourselves. We can’t do anything about it. I have to laugh wherever people can see me, honestly like how Chansung said, if we pull sad faces on a show that’s meant to make people laugh, we can’t go on broadcast. This is the job we have. But you guys think that 3 days is a short time, but it isn’t. It is a time when you can do a lot of things, for those 3 days we thought through a lot.

JYPE: Before to the person who asked the question, this will be the end of his answer. Next question, yes the person at the front.

Fan: This isn’t a question. This is just something I want to say regards to what Junsu said. Of course, it is hard winning over a problem by yourself and it is hard regretting those things by yourself, but when I asked if you could promise to keep silent about it, whether it leaks by media or whatever route, it’s not like you can help the situation. Because the contract is terminated anyway, so in reality, there is no need for the company to do anything. Because of the contract.

Jung Wook: Yes, there is no contract.

Fan: Yes, of course. I also hope that it is never revealed but you also have to think of the possibility of it being revealed. If that should happen, like Junsu said before, Jaebum is the one that has to be hurt and deal with it on his own.

Junsu: What are you talking about? What I said earlier was that if, if we were to continue our activities with Jaebum and take him back in specially and then the situation was revealed later on, all seven of us would become liars and so would the company.

Fan: Anyways, if what we don’t want to be revealed is revealed in the future, then Jaebum, who will have to deal with it alone–.

Junsu: (cuts off) I would like for it to not be revealed.

Fan: Yes, I feel the same and I think most likely everyone here does too.

JYPE: Did you finish what you were going to say?

Fan: Yes.

JYPE: Yes, the person in the 2nd row.

Fan: When I was talking about the vacation before, I didn’t care whether you went on vacation or not. But if you say that you are still so emotionally hurt over this whole ordeal but still went on vacation a day before the official decision was to be made and had fun–.

Fans: Okay, let’s stop it there.

Taecyeon: Even if we are that way, it doesn’t mean that our hearts don’t hurt.

JYPE: Well since the members all answered that question before as a whole, we’ll take another question. Yes, the person near the back.

Fan: If you look at it one way, this could be an obvious question to ask, but is there any chance of him returning to 2PM? And when the members made the decision, is there any member that regrets making the decision? If you think about it, we didn’t know anything about his private life before the announcement was made, so have you guys ever thought once about what would have happened if the company just covered up everything and returned doing activities together?

Chansung: If it was something that could have been ignored and we could have returned together, would we have made this decision?

Junho: From our perspective, if we came out on live broadcasts and caused a ruckus, saying ‘Bring Park Jaebum’, if saying that would make it happen, and like you spoke before, if it was something that we could all cover and just blow over, if it was a problem like that, then we would have.

Junho: See, if the problem was something we all could have ignored and covered up, we wouldn’t have done this, because Jaebum wasn’t just a leader, but he was a hyung who cared about all of us, someone who was much better than all of us as a singer and dancer overall. And if he had stayed, it would have been better for all of us, and basically, he could have become the best. We wouldn’t have just abandoned Jaebum hyung and honestly we think we have done our best to keep him. If we could have brought him back, we would have.

Fan: I understand that you couldn’t have brought him back because of what would have happened if the problem was revealed. Am I understanding wrong? Because if the company had kept covering it up, you could have continued, but because it could have been revealed at any time, I think that’s why Jaebum can’t be brought back.

Junho: We think that no matter what, even if we’re alive or dead, this cannot be revealed.

Fan: There’s a difference between something that can’t be revealed and–.

Junho: No, what I’m saying is. What I’m thinking is that nothing good can come from it being revealed. Like the president has stated before, we will keep our mouths closed. What I’m trying to say is that someone else, somewhere else might know. Regarding that, we can’t give you a response. If we knew for sure, we would tell you but our 2PM, our company, and our Jinyoung hyung really thought together for the best for Jaebum hyung in order for him to receive the least pain. (Close to crying) Because of that, no matter what, no matter what happens, we will stay quiet.

Fan: So… What you are saying is that Jaebum will receive the least pain if the issue were to explode while he is a normal citizen instead of as a 2PM member?

Junho: Yes, that would be much better for him. Because as you said before, like deciding in three days… There’s this hyung I know who is a celebrity, and even when his grandmother passed away, he couldn’t go to the funeral and had to attend his schedules like many other celebrities have to do. That’s just inevitably what a celebrity is. But rather than walking the road of a celebrity, if he walked the road of a normal person, it would be regrettable, but living as a normal person rather than a celebrity will give him less attention. I think it would prevent the public from being attentive to it. I think that would be the better road for Jaebum hyung.

JYPE: Next question please. Yes, the person near the end

Fan: To the members; amongst the fans, there are some in the boycott. What do you think of the boycott?

Taecyeon: After Jaebum left for the first time, the boycott was first created. In truth, it was not good for us or the company. But we waited through it, because we thought for sure Jaebum would be back. We really had thought that whether the boycott was happening or not, Jaebum hyung will be back and this will end. With the boycott, we did feel pain, but we really stayed patient and endured through it.

Fan: So then, after Jaebum’s official withdrawal, I think there will be more people who will boycott. Will there be any actions from the company about this issue?

Junho: Well, first of all, regarding the boycott… Our company and us, 2PM, will take absolutely no action against it. And for me personally, I’m not sure how you’ll perceive this but, officially, Jaebum hyung is withdrawn from the group and the fans will be boycotting the advertisements that we have recorded. Honestly, I have nothing to say regarding that matter because it is completely a matter of free will. But just personally, I think that the fans will start thinking stuff like ‘I don’t want to see 2PM anymore,’ or ‘I hope 2PM fails.’ Because I think those things, if the fans continue to boycott 2PM even after Jaebum hyung’s official withdrawal, I will just consider them as people that don’t want to see us anymore. We’re just… I do think that there are people that want us to fail. That’s just my personal thought.

JYPE: If the other members have nothing else to say, we will move onto the next question. Yes, the person at the end.

Fan: I think by now the questions that each site had prepared has been answered. And as for the members, I think they’ve spoken with honesty. But what’s left is, how much the fans can accept and believe how you’ve truthfully spoken. I think that will be an important perspective. That being said, for 2PM’s future activities, if fans can really support and strengthen (2PM) or not can be a really important core point. If you think about it, from now on the fans will have an important role in 2PM’s activities. To those fans, if you have something to say please do so.

Junho: Just… well…. Honestly, aside from anything else, we are singers. I think of the profession as people that sing through performances and are able to touch the hearts of people or perhaps blow a bit of oxygen into their lives. Because of that, I’m in great pain, although Jaebum hyung must feel the same… Moving on, I think that a true singer and a celebrity is someone that thinks of the fans’ and the general publics’ happiness more.

Junho: Because of that, we are sitting here today, speaking of only the truth to everyone here. There are no lies and we plan to do our best for the future. I do think that there will be a lot of people that won’t like that kind of 2PM. I’m sure there are even some here today. Probably people that think, no matter what I say, ‘What a joke.’ I do think that there are people that think like that here today. It’s definite.

Junho: Regardless, we plan to show you a stronger, better side of us as singers. We don’t want to collapse. Honestly… if there are people that have a positive response to us, we will try our absolute best for those people. And if there are people that hate us because of this issue, and I know there are a lot of Jaebum hyung’s fans – but they are all precious to us also. Really. That’s why I feel that it is so sinful to be speaking from this spot here today.. But… (Silence)

[Junho:[/b] This situation is so upsetting and hurtful for us because this return is something that we created. We’re the ones that were with you guys thinking ‘He can come back.’ But we’re so hurt and sorry, just sorry. I was on the internet yesterday and saw it… You all know that I’m on the internet frequently.

Fans: (Laughter)

Junho: I saw it. Jinyoung hyung’s portrait of the deceased.

Fans: (Turmoil)

Junho: Well, either way, he is someone that we live with, someone that we consider a hyung. I’m not sure if you all know but I was very scared. We began to wonder if our deceased pictures were on the streets somewhere. Wondering what our parents would think… And on the internet, there’s a lot of comments–.

Fans: (Turmoil)

Junho: Comments like ‘Traitor bitches, go die.’

Fans: (Turmoil)

Junho: Well, I’ve seen comments like these and it just makes my heart hurt. I also saw a picture of when all 7 members of us got first place. To have to hear ‘Is this all you are in the end?’ from fans that were able to help us get first, now… It just makes me so apologetic, I want to go crazy.

Junho: I thought about it all day yesterday. I wasn’t able to sleep to sleep at the thought of meeting all of you here today. Honestly, the only opportunity to meet with fans are either on stage or in fan meetings. On the car rides to fan meetings, everyone is happy, thinking about who has the most popularity or thinking about the fans that came to see us because there’s conversing between us and the fans. We can give autographs and handshakes… Of course, there weren’t many opportunities to do that but you all still encouraged us. I was happy with those kinds of things.

Junho: However, sitting here all day, knowing that everyone is upset makes me sad. And even though you probably don’t believe it, the six of us, Jinyoung hyung, Jung Wook, our company, and our entire family are saddened and our hearts are hurting. Really…

Junho: Talking to you all like this and from Jaebum hyung’s perspective, we’re all so sorry… I contacted him recently and he said he was sorry for everything. When he left, he left thinking that he would be coming back… But now that that’s not possible, he feels so bad to the fans and to our members…

Junho: To be honest, 2PM and Hottests shouldn’t have to meet with this line of separation, but rather with good feelings. I’m so apologetic for having to meet in a situation like this. And from now on, 2PM will try even harder. I don’t know if we’ll be able to turn back your hearts, but we will try our best in order to become one with you guys again.

Junho: For now, it’ll seem funny to you. But this is the truth. Every single thing. This is the truth. Not one lie… Also, every day since September 8, we’ve endured criticism… But we were able to endure that because we had you, so we want to continue with you, although it may not be easy right now. I believe Jaebum would want u and Hottests to continue on together.

Junho: (Momentarily lies face down on the desk)

Chansung: Also, although I’ve been pouring my heart out and we’ve said a lot, uh… I’m sure there are people who don’t understand or don’t believe us. Many [people]. I can’t ask those people to cheer us on. It’s fine if you don’t. I don’t mind even if you… curse at us. But I have one request. Please don’t be skeptical of the friendship between the 7 of us. Really. (About to cry)

Taecyeon: From now on, before the fact that we’re six… Anyway, we were able to get to where we are now because of Jaebum hyung and also because all seven of us worked hard. We were able to get to that spot with Jaebum hyung, and although we aren’t able to be together now, we will work very hard as if he were still with us.

Fan: We have not heard anything from Jaebum since September 8. Because the situation has ended this way, the person we want to hear most from is not the six members, but from Jaebum. Anything is fine, but we want to hear an explanation from him directly. We don’t know when that might happen. Or if it will happen at all. However, we believe that his personal response is the right thing to do. We want to know if there has been a press conference or something of the sort set up.

Jung Wook: First, that will be up to Jaebum himself. We have no intention of forcing him to hold a press conference.

JYPE: You had your hand up before. The second row.

Fan: You believe that because you are now 6 people we, the fans, are going to attack you. However, I don’t think we will attack or hate you. But because we are human, we may become indifferent. Also, we don’t believe that you are lying to us.

Fan: To be honest, I didn’t prepare any questions beforehand, I thought of one here and I’ve been wondering whether I should or shouldn’t ask this question. While you were talking, I found myself doubting one thing. This question includes Jung Wook, along with the six members. You guys mentioned that you didn’t want to become liars because of this Jaebum “incident”. In fact, this “incident” has become an issue because of the word “personal.” But if this word wasn’t included… Of course, you say your company’s policy is to be, uh, honest, which is why you wrote it… But what I’m wondering is, not that I’m doubting your friendship with Jaebum, but if your heart towards Jaebum was a little bigger, couldn’t you have avoided releasing the word “personal?” Even if it were to be exposed later, and you were to be called liars and even be dishonored, was it really necessary to say “personal mistake?” I’m very curious. I’m not done yet.


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