[2PM] Press Conference 10/02/27 part 4

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CREDITS : CONFERENCE (SOURCE) ; hazyfiasco, jiyo, JaybooLove, baby<3angang, glfishyy, pingoo♥ , babywoo, twist&fall, jennying♥, 2shinebeast10, Saintpolar, 성아_, EyesOnFire11, ANGma, tvxqbuzz792 (TRANSLATORS); EDITED BY: hazyfiascoFan: You continue to say that you don’t want to be called liars, but I feel that it would have been better if you didn’t say it. I believe that being here because of this “situation” is a big issue. That’s why you guys said you didn’t want to be called liars if this situation were to be revealed later. However, I believe that if you had not released it as a “personal” issue and the situation were to be revealed later on, people would have thought of it as one man’s respect for another.

Fan: It’s not that I doubt your feelings for one another, nor do I doubt the decision that you made, but I’m just really curious to know if it was necessary to use that one word… Because of that one word, now Park Jaebum goon’s future and thinking of you when the truth does come out, was it really necessary to use that word? Until the statement was released, Park Jaebum goon was still a part of JYP. If it had nothing to do with his private life could the company have protected him?

Jung Wook: Should I answer the question first? Like I stated before, first of all, 2PM, the six members are the victims. They have become victims because of Park Jaebum. It is because of that fact that the company is a victim too. Also, before the members talked about being called liars… Of course not lying is always good. We released the statement as a company and you mentioned Park Jaebum’s future… If the company were to have released a statement with the lie with the members’ agreement and they resume activities, what happens when it is revealed and the six members “die”? When we voted… Before their friendship, respect, what is the plan? Although one person important, the six people are important as well.

JYPE: Anyone else with a question?

Fan: I was actually waiting until the end to ask this question, but it seems as though this conference is coming to a close… Though, if there are more questions afterward, it’s obviously not the end. Everything you have said now and will say, will you take responsibility if it is revealed that what you’ve said is not true?

Members: Yes, Jung Wook stated it before, too.

Junho: The reason why we said “we don’t want to be a liar” is not because “Ah, if we lie, we will be the bad guys.” It’s not that. If we were to hide that fact, and then you find out somehow, we didn’t want you to disappoint. That’s why we spoke up. It’s not that we are
moral, we just didn’t want you guys to find out in the end and question us, wondering if we were lying. That’s not it-

Junsu: In other words, that disappointment will be even bigger than what you are feeling now. It will be bigger than disappointment that you are feeling now.

Junho: We’re not speaking from the perspective of our company and saying ‘We are not liars.’ That’s not it all. We are trying to think of you all more. That’s why we used the term ‘liars.’

Taecyeon: Moreover, quite frankly, if Jaebum hyung’s matter rises up to the surface, and if we didn’t use the term “private life,” you would’ve criticized us even more. Like, “why didn’t you reveal the truth in the first place?” We (company and members) wrote the crystal clear truth because we wanted to prevent those situations. Also, since MySpace issue was a part of Jaebum hyung’s private life too, we thought that if we used that specific term, people wouldn’t dig into his private life for sake of him.”

Fans: We don’t care about the rumors.

Taecyeon: We didn’t use the term rumor. Where are you getting that word?

Fans: We’re trying to say that we don’t care about Park Jaebum’s private life at all.

Members: Okay.

Fan: It’s just that, like ‘uh’ sounds different from ‘ah,’ we are wondering if you guys have honestly explained yourselves. We’re wondering if you guys know the implications of using such a word.

Jung Wook: Yes, we have thought of it.

JYPE: Okay, I think we have answered all the additional questions. is there anymore?
Yes, in the second row.

Fan: It’s not a question, but I just want to tell CEO Jung Wook something.

Jung Wook: Yes.

Fan: As a 2PM fan I’ve watched the situation play out, and one thing that breaks my heart is one of the reasons we don’t trust your company. You have never stated that you are responsible for this kind of situation and you never apologized for it either. Since you never showed that kind of gesture, the fans cannot trust you, and I don’t think we can honestly say that the company is not at fault for this.

Jung Wook: I’m not sure when you began to misunderstand us but if you remember September of last year, you probably remember the company’s written apology. You have stated that the company has never given an apology. However, we have. Yes. And regardless, afterwards, we never had the opportunity to apologize, not once. Not once because everyone truly believed that Jaebum would be returning, up until the end of last year. And like I’ve stated before, the six members and the company are the victims in this situation.

JYPE: Yes, another question. The person in the front.

Fan: I’d like to ask this question to the members. Since Jaebum is terminated from JYPE and free to do as he wish now, he is also able to move to a different agency or company and be able to promote again. If he were to do that, even though you said he couldn’t control his morality and private life, but if he were to continue his activity in Korea, you don’t mind that he continues as a regular singer, but not as your hyung. What I really want to ask is are you thinking that it’s better for Jaebum to stay in US as an average citizen
rather than to continue his activity with another agency if his “private life” were
to surface?

Taecyeon: Quite frankly, whether or not he continues his career or not is up to Jaebum hyung. What we can really tell you is that if Jaebum hyung came back and continued his career, and his private life was later revealed, it’s the same as killing him twice.

Fan: So you’re saying it’s better for him to live as an ordinary person than to continue his activity in Korea?

Taecyeon: Yes.

Fan: What about other members?

Chansung: I hope he would, but if he really was to come back as a singer, I’d still encourage him. Because if he made the decision to continue as a singer despite what he did and if he takes full responsibility for it, then I will encourage him for doing so.

Junsu: Well, that’s exactly what I’m thinking too, but as of now, of course you were talking about the future, but as of now, I think it’s better for Jaebum to stay with his family and rest.

JYPE: You wanted the responses of the other members, right? How about Wooyoung and Junho?

Other Members: Yes, we think the same too.

JYPE: Any other questions? If you don’t have any questions, then we will end this conference with a farewell address by 2PM members or CEO. Do you have a question? Okay.

Fan: This thought came to me as I watched everyone asking questions and answering questions. I think most of us understood and grasped that we can’t really talk about. The “issue” that would cause possible social impact, but I’m sure there are some of us who couldn’t accept the comments that are made by the members and CEO. Those of you who still have doubts or in turn if the members or CEO would like to ask any questions… I think that when fans go back to their own community and report what they saw and heard, it will actually get interpreted in many different ways and bring more troubles. I don’t think everyone here understood this conference in the unified way. There may well be people who understood and accepted what was told, but also there will be people who would say, “I still can’t accept your reasoning.”

Taecyeon: Quite frankly, I saw that the fan sites split up into many fractions.
I saw many people cursing at us, and the sites that used to support both 2AM and us were split too. I read one post saying that people who have come to the conference would later get bribed and report fake stories later. However, frankly, what we feel is that we really did only talk about the truth, and why would we lie? What’s there for us anyway? I just hope you to know that we were candid. After you walk out of this room, you’re going to post what you perceived from our conversation, like a postscript. As you post, please consider once more about the fact that all of us tried our best to answer your questions truthfully rather than what you heard and stuff. I really hope that it will be transferred to more people through you all.

Junsu: Also, what I want to tell you is that, well I want to ask you a question.
Frankly, as I attend this meeting, um….. I really hope that the misunderstanding between you guys and us, our CEO, and our Jinyoung hyung gets resolved. Therefore, I’m curious to know if your misunderstanding on our company and our members got resolved. Also, the misunderstanding on various rumors too.

Fan: Yes, they are resolved somewhat. If there’s anyone who doesn’t feel that way, please speak up.

JYPE: We can’t really point out one person. If anyone wants to freely express their opinion…

Fans: (murmured discussions)

JYPE: He asked it as a free question. We are not requesting a response.

Junho: First of all, up to this point, every one of you has heard our words, but I’m not so sure if our truthfulness has been conveyed well enough since there are so many of you, and each one of you have different perspectives. Therefore, we’re not going to ask you that anymore because even from start, we thought that it was impossible for you all to have one story. However, there’s one thing that I really want you to know. Just as Taecyeon hyung stated, there were no lies in our story, and without knowing anything, from September 8th to January 3rd, we followed the best possible way and tried our hardest. That, I really hope that at least you all would recognize or just any one of you…. I just wanted to say that. I really wanted to tell you, “Park Jaebum is coming back,” but…. I really hope you to understand at least some of our hearts.

Chansung: If, well, if you have any questions that you really feel like you want to ask, you can now.

JYPE: You’re saying that you’re willing to take more questions, right?

Jung Wook: Then I’d like to ask a question for Chansung… No, I’m joking. Anyways, there are approximately a hundred of you, and you all are well aware that just with two people conversing, the talker’s intention and the listener’s interpretation could be different. I’ve been seeing the same thing over and over again past 5 months. On his Cyworld, Junsu wrote his name that he used from his trainee days, and people interpreted it as “Let’s fight or Let’s fight, ok?” Things get spread around in a funny way very easily. Yesterday, AM kids sang with very sad facial expression. They are just good at singing sad song with sad expression. Everything is tangled up and our company really has no idea how to handle that. I even thought about writing “If you want to live, you will die, if you want to die, you will live” in front of company building with a painting spray. Would people understand us if I do that? I had those thoughts until December 23rd.

Jung Wook: I think it was December 21st, I’m not sure, but you all here probably don’t know about this since you’re from the online communities, but one time, I got criticized by my staffs. They said that when I was intoxicated, I was shouting “he will be back” to the fans who were standing in front of the buildings – I know these fans get criticized by you all too. I even said that once, and I can tell you that until December 21st, 2PM was a seven member group.

Jung Wook: I just want to tell you all that there are situations where “Jun toda K” could be interpreted as “Jeon toda K” just like that. We are humans and the members are humans too, so we do have our moments when we feel unfair very often. That’s why we had to consider several ways to let you know our thoughts and various situations because things don’t get conveyed well. Even today, I don’t know. I don’t know if that person was the person who is attending this conference right now, but when I was in hallway, I heard someone talking, “What is he doing, using the boys as a shield?” If the boys didn’t come and I was here alone, I’m pretty sure that this candid atmosphere wouldn’t have been possible. you all also said that what if these kids are instructed by the company to say this or that. It’s impossible for the company that controls their singers’ Cyworld and stuff to work with any singers. The same thing applies to the singers. Because 2PM members weren’t that kind of kids, you love them.

JYPE: Do you have a question?

International Fan: (In English) The last concert with Jaebum was Dream Concert, right? There are a lot of rumors regarding it, saying that the members sent the “7” signal to the fans. Was it coincidence? If not, what was it?

Taecyeon: It’s a rumor that you all made. When Junho showed you guys 7 fingers, it was because he was holding his mic with 3 fingers. There’s a “10 points out of 10” choreography but he also had to hold on to his hand mic. That was a rumor. What other rumors were there? And in Inkigayo, when we made the 7 signs, it was because we were looking at each other going “Yes~ Take 7!” That was all. It’s a rumor. It was made up because you guys wanted to believe that.

JYPE: Seems like all of you have understood, so we won’t translate his answers. Since you all laughed. Okay, you in the back.

Fan: I heard and saw pictures of the JYPE building being trashed, even chrysanthemums placed in front of it. Even if people are able to accept such acts, there are others that won’t tolerate it. I think that the members, the members’ parents, or those around the building will not look at the chrysanthemums with positive thoughts. Do you have any plans on dealing with such acts?

Jung Wook: We do have some plans for security around the company building, but for now, I’m concerned that the people here will go back to their communities and be bashed for being bribed with Tonkatsu. Well, I am not sure. We are only speaking of the truth here, with all honesty. I was extremely sorry for those that had their credibility threatened. All I did was explain reality and the future, but I’m worried for those that will go home and explain to their communities that they have understood everything… I’m scared of the backlash they will receive. But it’s not like we can have this conference at an Olympic field. This honest conference isn’t something you can have televised either.

Jung Wook: For throwing garbage and other things in front of building, we are going to take care of it eventually. We don’t want to cause a conflict with fans. That’s why we let the Post-Its and other stuff stuck onto the building as well. We even made an exclusive spot for them, but since you put them on way too often for a long period of time, we practically don’t have a space to store them anymore. That’s why we said we would take a picture of it and store it. It was heartbreaking to me. On rainy days, the Post-Its would get wet and fall down to the ground. One Sunday, when fans didn’t even come, when Jaebum was still 2PM, I saw the wet Post-Its covering the ground on a rainy day, and it broke my heart, but I still didn’t do anything. Also, about the garbage and fake portraits of deceased members, I even told this to the members, but it really breaks my heart. It really, really broke my heart. Fans criticized the people that threw trash on the building through replies but really, it only puts burden on the custodial lady’s work.

Jung Wook: Since we all believe the fans’ common sense, we conduct things in a way
that no other companies do. Because I’m a CEO of agency, I meet many CEOs from other agencies and mass media. They are actually puzzled that we’re having conference and such. They asked, “Why? For what?” I think that’s just my personality. Also, lastly, to answer that question, I really have no idea if we would restrict the fans’ activities. I can’t tell you that. When all of you goes back, I just hope that people wouldn’t misunderstand you.

Fan: I would like to ask an additional question. Are fans supposed to stop putting post-its on the building since Jaebum is now terminated from his contract?

JW: Yes, exactly. No one has a right to use his publicity, and he no longer belongs here. Park Jaebum is an individual and a free person from now on, so technically you don’t have that right either. If he says no, then that’s no. As I told you before, since I always considered 2PM as a seven-member group, I didn’t do anything.

JYPE: We are getting many questions. Since she raised her hand first, I will let her speak.

Fan: There are some online discussions where people talk about going to the members’ dorm and doing something to them. It seems as if the member’s safety are on a threat. Do you have any plans for that? Doing something in front of company building is one thing, but the dorm is where members get to rest. I think that there is some level of responsibility needed by the agency. What do you think of this matter?

Jung Wook: First of all, we set up some plans with time. Also, their dorm is not located in unsecured place. Yesterday and today, the members and I have watched, but no one was there. If we think that there’s a threat, then we would control it. Also, I thank everyone here for handling this situation maturely.

Fan: Since we have to go back and write a transcript of the conference, I would like to list what I have understood so far. Correct me on anything that might cause problem as we post a conference transcript. Jaebum’s contract has been terminated on February 26th with no penalty fee, and it was Jaebum’s will, and all six of them said themselves that they agreed on his resignation. You couldn’t reveal what Jaebum’s “private life” was, but you specifically used those words because you wanted to speak of truth and that was your best option for Jaebum as well.

Jung Wook: Correction… Well, for the “private life” part, let me tell you three reasoning schematically. First, if you look at it schematically, the six members are the victims. I hate to see them become the betrayers, although these victims did their best until the end. If we did state some ambiguous reason on the official statement, it wouldn’t have made any sense for these boys to continue on with that kind of reason. That’s why I hated [to use other words]. Second, we are a company. Since we are a company, the official statement is written by us, not by the members. Since we are a company, and especially when a company as well known as us, write an official statement, we write it for entire nation to read. We can’t write something false on a statement that will be read by entire nation. Thirdly, this might be only my speculation, but if I wrote other reasons like, “He doesn’t want to come,” then you would’ve said and asked questions like “You’re lying,” “Why does he not want to come?” and such on this conference. I was only trying to reduce the steps.

Fan: Okay, we will write that. So if Jaebum was to ever continue his singing career in Korea or internationally, JYPE cannot take responsibility for his private life or anything revealed about it here on after. Do you think it’s correct to say that the members have tried their best in coping and dealing with the situation with their honest answers shown here today?

Jung Wook: Yes.

JYPE: Yes, you in the far corner. Wait, I’m sorry. Lady here raised her hand before. Can she, oh you’re okay? Okay.

Fan: I would like to ask an additional question on your three reasoning’s. In the case of your first reasoning, the fans would not accept….I mean, the fans think that
Jaebum is the victim, so it will be hard for them to accept your first reasoning.

Jung Wook: That’s why I am holding this conference.

Fan: So the part in the official announcement where it states “private life” and “societal impact,” does Jaebum agree with these expressions? I think it’s important that the fan sites realize that Park Jaebum has agreed to this situation and that he is ready to be responsible for the consequences. There are people that do not believe in this situation.

Jung Wook: A sensitive issue is that, when I spoke to Jaebum and his family last time, I told them that it’s not like we are living in an ancient time when people can’t meet or see each other if one goes to America. Anyone can post a message on Facebook and such and talk about anything. Basically, you can say anything you want comfortably, whether it’s the press, the your friends, or the general public.

Jung Wook: However, what I’m concerned about is that one is coming up at least once a day. Once a day… Stuff like, “My unni’s boyfriend works at JYP as a staff.” These types of posts come up once a day.

Jung Wook: For example, let’s say I have a dongseng.. and I had a conversation with Wooyoung, but my dongseng could think that Wooyoung and I are not on good terms.. from my dongseng’s point of view.. Because from a perspective of the family members of a person who works for an entertainment company, they could think that ‘I don’t like that celebrity’ because their family member is busy because of that celebrity. Even for Jaebum’s case, he has a lot of people around him.. but Jaebum is not the type to tell this and that to people around him. Then, it’s the people around him that look at the situation and make their own decision, and that’s how rumors and stuff are created again… And as you all know… our company…. you all know my name.. ‘the executive director makes all the decisions?’ We don’t have an executive director. We don’t have that executive director title. But it starts to get repetitive like that… That is why when the fan was talking a while ago, I was just correcting some parts in the middle. I want to say this to everyone here, everyone in Korea and in the world… Park Jaebum isn’t trapped somewhere. Today, yesterday, and the day before.. he went out to b-boy. If he himself want to talk, then he could choose to do so, whatever the content might be.. It’s not something that we can come out here and talk about.

Fan: This isn’t a question. Then today, the conclusion of this conference is basically that Park Jaebum had withdrawn due to his own mistake, and had cancelled midway.. and the members here have spoken only the truth without even the slightest lie… Right?

Members: Yes

Fan: Well… you all know the meaning of the word karma right? The definition. It all comes back to you. You don’t have any sense of shame, right?

JYPE: To answer this, it’s um.. a little.. Yes, until now they have told you the truth and asked that you believe it…

Fan: Yes.. Then I hope you do well in the future..

Member: (Frozen face expression) Yes, we’ll do well.

[The fan who asked that question exits the conference.]

Fan: From the start, the reason we wanted the members excluded from the conference was so that we wouldn’t have this rift between the fans and the members, and I think that the CEO (referring to Jung Wook) would have known this. Despite this, you will probably answer that the reason you called the members was so that we can communicate sincerely. That part, we can fully predict.. One thing I wanted to ask from before, was, if the members did not agree, then would there have been a different situation than what we have now? I wanted to ask that first…

Jung Wook: Fundamentally, if the members didn’t agree…. Ah.. are you talking about today’s conference?

Fan: No.

Jung Wook: Ah. The final result.

Fan: Yes.. If they had not agreed to the withdrawal, then would the results have been different?

Jung Wook: First.. I didn’t even think that the members would not agree to it.

Fan: Well aside from that thought, within that situation….all the thoughts cannot be the same right?..

Jung Wook: Yes

Fan: If, there wasn’t an agreement–

Jung Wook: It would have been the same result

Fan: Right, the result had nothing to do with the agreement.

Jung Wook: No, it has a correlation. This is a leading question.. I will explain. As the members have explained before, the issue took a very long time, basically…and excluding the members here, personally, it’s my personal matter.. The members here, 6, 7 people don’t sign a contract in one lump. They each sign a contract individually. So if one member does something that he has to take responsibility for, then we discuss the issue with that member. That is the contract problem.

Fan: Yes, I work in a law office. I know about the contract issue. About the contract issue, you must know about it the most, and the company has its own policy of handling it.. so for the people who are not familiar with this.. it could be a problem..

Jung Wook: According to the contract, it falls under the policy of breach of contract.

Fan: Yes, of course. So the thing I wanted to ask had ended, so I wasn’t going to ask… but I was honestly curious about why Jaebum doesn’t have to pay the penalty fees for the breach of contract if he had committed something so major..

Jung Wook: For the part about the penalty for breach of contract, on the website for the Fair Trade Commission, the related clause is listed. If you read it, there isn’t a clause that says that if a singer earns this much, they have to pay a fee. When a singer earns money, if this person did not complete the remaining term, then there is an applicable penalty fee.. but for Jaebum, the penalty fee was not applicable.

Fan: Because it’s your policy, I didn’t want to ask more about the contract or anything….

Jung Wook: Yes.

Fan: This is for the members… You might think that the fans don’t like you… Well from the fans here, there may be fans that don’t like you right now, as you guys think.. And you may have fans that you don’t like. Of course, because you’re human.. But we fundamentally want the same thing and we ultimately like the same person, and we all want
to draw a good conclusion. It is only natural that the fans will show this kind of response.. because we don’t know each other, and our stances are different. You know everything… you all know.. But the fans don’t know anything.. The person that knows everything has their own hardship, but for those that don’t know anything, it’s difficult. Because they don’t know.. so when we react emotionally, it seems as though you are responding a little offensively at times. If you could control that please… Perhaps, more than you, the fans may be having a harder time. Additionally, there was something that I was always curious about.. to Jung Wook CEO what is the ‘general public’ to you?

Jung Wook: To me, it’s the people that I see.

Fan: From what I hear.. there are some that I haven’t even known about.. Alssa, Bestiz, well I’ve heard of this one.. Purples…. I’ve heard that there were 12 sites —

Jung Wook: There’s more than 12.

Fan: Yes–

Jung Wook: You asked me about my view on the public right? In my thought, the public is the people in those 20 sites, and the people that I see walking around the back allies of 5th street of Jongro.. Wouldn’t they be the public?

Fan: Yes.. they are the public. Each site has its own personality.. but I think that the people who post malicious comments are the ‘public’ that are the most active.. If you could exclude those people from the term ‘public’…. Aren’t those people so obvious? What would they know about you, that they would curse at you and say various things… I think that there are times that you consider them as also a part of the public

Jung Wook: Then I will ask you something then… I have that kind of thought. Yes, I do think that way, and before, there was a time after Jaebum goon’s controversy, when there was a TV debate on SBS? As I was watching the debate, the topic of discussion that concerned me was if things that are happening on the internet affect reality or not… During those 3 days.. honestly, the first 3 days– 2 to 3 days, the situation was enough to be called the internet war, but it started affecting one person physically. Ultimately, the physical impact came to that one person and the 7 friends.. As you would know well because you work in a law office, but in reality, during those 3 days so many things happened. I heard this from some people. Watching the movie ‘Saving Private Ryan’ and actually being in the position of the Marines who landed in Normandy that day is so different. The fans, the public — the public that you are mentioning, the media, you all were watching a movie, for 3 days. Within that, we were planning to land. All during those 3 days..

Fan: There must be people who had not predicted that there would be a withdrawal plan and people who have predicted that there was. As I hear this now, you are saying that it was all a plan, and that it was planned from A to Z, but that during this time, because the private matter with Jaebum was not part of the plan, the whole situation has gone wrong?

Jung Wook: If you say it like that– Then I will tell you this… The reason that I didn’t want to say that this was ‘the original plan’ from the beginning was because I wanted to bring him back with a bang.

Fan: I think I understand what you are trying to say. I understand that part completely. Another thing I am curious about is the fact that these types of situations occur often at JYPE. You yourself may know, there is no company that has ever let go of their members in this sort of manner. I too am in contact with someone affiliated with one of the 3 of the biggest entertainment companies and have communicated with them, one of the members of that company experienced not only an ethical problem but also ran into issues with the law. However, the company was able to handle the problem of morality and legality well. But why was JYPE not able to do the same? I will let it pass by classifying it as a company’s style and way of handling things, but why is that your company has these types of situations occurring so often?

Jung Wook: Well, it’s different according the company. Yes, different. The first doesn’t apply and you spoke of GOD first. Jun (Park Junhyung) is still a part of our company today.

Fan: I am aware.

Jung Wook: Yes, GOD’s Park Junhyung is still associated with our company. It’s not like we can list off the names of other celebrities – it’s all a personal situation. For example, there might be a school with 200 students, but out of them, 20 drop out. Or another school only has 8 kids drop out. It’s different, and this is different.

Fan: Yes, that is true, but I wonder why these sensitive issues keep springing up? Repeated mistakes are wrong. One or two times is possible. But if that continues to repeat itself, I think that you as a CEO has some responsibility to it, too. You may not be required to organize the singers in your agency but you do have a duty to protect them.

Rep: I will answer. We…I don’t know. I don’t know if our business policy is morally correct. For me, there are two kinds of situations, when you have committed a fault and when you have not committed a fault. When you have not committed a fault, I think it is important to do everything in your power to protect them.

Fan: Do you know the meaning and purpose of the chrysanthemum performance in front of your building?

Taecyeon: Performance…

Taecyeon: Ah…In all honesty, we know the meaning, but looking past that, we are hurt. Did it really have to go as far as that. Yes.

Fan: It is being called the chrysanthemum performance. That is because the fans loved the seven members of 2PM so much and we are expressing our sorrow of the fact that a 7 member 2PM will disappear. I am informing you so that there is no misunderstandings and such.

Taecyeon: Okay. Thank you.

Fan: I don’t think I heard a complete reply earlier.

Jung Wook: I think it is too excessive to explain word for word what our business policy is.

Fan: I am not asking you to explain your business policy. I am curious to know your thoughts on why you think that these occurrences happen often (in your company).

Jung Wook: I think you are badgering me for an answer so…

Fan: I have no intention of badgering. Representative Jung Wook, haven’t you experienced life in society longer than I have for me to be pestering you. I sincerely want to know, my intention is not to badger you and see what kind of answer I get.

Jung Wook: It sounds contradictory and it seems to be irrelevant with the purpose of today’s conference.

Fan: I don’t see any contradictions and I believe that it is relevant.

JYPE: Sorry. You heard earlier in the example of the GED, no matter what organization or group it is that it is possible to occur. We will leave it at that.

Fan: I’ll understand. Then I have one last question if no one has any more questions.

JYPE: Is there anyone else with a question?

Fan: This is an additional related question. You previously used the example of GED. Whether they go to take the GED or apply for a special-purpose high school, if there were to be an issue, you’re saying that it’s eventually a problem within the company. Is it acceptable for us to understand it not as a difference in the organization of the company but as a problem within the company when either picking trainees and etc?

Jung Wook: You’re talking about the members that became a singer, right?

Fan: It might be all of the members of the company, trainees, the members themselves, or it might just be the trainees.

Jung Wook: I am not sure. We are trying our best to pick.

Fan: Then will you accept the fact that there is a problem within the company?

Jung Wook: I think it’s going to be hard to give you a response to that. Like I’ve told you earlier, there are other companies dealing with withdrawals. For example, the level of the group might be important but there are teams that were once 5 membered that come back after a month with 7 members. I think you know that there are these types of situations that happen fairly often in the groups that are even promoting now.

Fan: I’m not asking about members being added, but rather the number of—

Jung Wook: No, there are also situations where members are withdrawn that are still promoting fine. Yes, there are a lot of situations where members drop out.

Fan: I understand.

JYPE: Let’s reorganize the question, then.

Fan: I’m not asking a question. Like you’ve stated before, you say 100 people but the amount of 2PM fans are not only 100 members. There are definitely more fans than this and we are here today as the representative of those fans. I am not speaking as someone that hates everyone here or as someone that doesn’t want to support and agree with the future activities of you guys. I hope you’ll understand that clearly. It’s hard for me to be here for many hours like this, hours out of my own time. I consider this time wasted because we have not earned any positive results through these hours. Despite it all, I decided to be present here today, knowing that this would be the result. Why I’m here is to make sure that everyone here understands and to prepare. I’m not sure how this will be perceived but… I guess I went off topic. Anyways, what I want to say is that even if there are fans that don’t agree with you, I trust that you already know this and what I’m saying as a representative is that I once liked you all very much. But because I once liked you does not mean that I wish you any ill feelings in the future. If you do well, you yourselves will be happy about it. But since the situation has come to this point, I have listened to your honest responses. I’m not sure how other people will accept this situation but from my point of view, I wish you the best for your future. I think this is the right way to think.

JYPE: Thank you.

Fan: Since that person spoke up as a representative, we will give our own opinion as representatives. We have always supported and encouraged a 2PM to this very point, and will continue to do so in the future. As much as there are fans that are against you, there are also many that are with you. I hope that you will be able to withstand this hardship by never forgetting of your fans and to come out of this as a group that Jaebum will be proud to consider as his younger brothers.

Fan: I have a random question. We understand that <Wild Bunny> episode 8 would be aired when Jaebum, Jaebummie oppa returned, but if he does not return will it not air?

Taecyeon: That is something we don’t know… M. Net…

Fan: You signed a contract for 8 episodes. With your company.

Jung Wook: Ah, that is not our ‘issue.’ For example, now, we or even M.net cannot use his portrait. Because he is not a celebrity.

Fan: But isn’t that when he was contractually obligated to you?

Jung Wook: In oral contracts or cable variety programs, they are very flexible.

Fan: Then if M.net decides that they want to air this, they are free to do so?

Jung Wook: It is up to their discretion.

Fan: Ah…I see.

JYPE: Are there any further questions? There must not be more…If there are no further questions, we will conclude here. We will bid you with closing statements.

Jung Wook: I will leave first and bid you farewell.

JYPE: Sure.

Junsu: First off, we want to thank you so much for coming here today. First, in light of this setting, our company, and our members, we hope that you were able to resolve some misunderstandings. Okay. Thank you.

[ Members all stand, 90 degree bow ]

[ Fans applaud, states, “You have worked hard.” ]


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