These are stories about TVXQ, a popular boyband from South Korea that’s been thick and thin and now split in two group. JYJ and TVXQ.

But my stories only reflect upon their character…

In real life, they’re my idol, my princes charming and people i wish to live juz next door. People I wish to be my friend.

But as they live far far way in South Korea.
These Stories is the closest I can get.

Hope you enjoy it.
1. Story about Kim Jae Joong but his alter name is Jack. “Life Realm”
p.s: it’s my very first novel, please bare with the lack of structure and everything still mess up.

2. This time, I’m happy to exploit the playboy of the house. Mr. Park Yoochun, I use his real name here, Micky. “With all my heart” and the review. “Damn, I love You”

3. Kim Junsu aka Xiah turn. He’s the merry little one but decide to grow up in “Into Your Arm”

4. Chang Min named with his stage name, Max in “M(ax) to Z(ee)”. It’s kinda teen drama but he’s my sweat little prince who’ll never grow up.

5. the last but not least, TVXQ leader, Yunho in “Heartbeat”. I still can’t finish his story not because lack of idea but because i’m afraid if i write it down, YunHo’s fans will scold and bite me. But I’ll try, eventually.

I may add more stories in the future, but for now, these all I got.


N.B: every comment is appreciated


3 thoughts on “Fox-T

  1. ayo kakak… dilanjutin dong cerita ttg Fox-T nya… aku Cassiopeia.. gak sengaja nemu WP ini.. bagus bgt ceritanyaaaa….
    FIGHTING!! ^^

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